A Saturday Surprise Trump Sighting!

A Saturday Surprise Trump Sighting!

March 13, 2021  Mar a Lago, FL — A special thing happened in the midst of a fundraiser for the Big Dog Ranch Rescue being held here today! In the midst of raising $500,000 for the animal rescue charity, President Donald Trump wandered past, obviously on his way to play a round of golf, and crashed the event to see what was going on!

To the delight of the assembled ladies at this “Wine, Women & Shoes” event, the former president had a few words for the crowd and their goal to launch a rescue mission to remove over 500 dogs from China where the dog meat market trade is thriving.

‘So, I didn’t exactly prepare for this,’ Trump said. ‘[But I was] walking by, and I hear everyone screaming, and I was like, [‘What’s going on?’] and it was like, ‘We’re going to help dogs,’ and that’s OK with me.’

Thanks to our very own @RoosterCogbert1’s tip on this story and for the screengrab. The ‘restriction’ is Roosters, but you can click through to YT to watch it.

~~Photo credit: Photo by: Sebastian Samallegange

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