Bernie Sanders Hospitalized, Cancels Upcoming Events

Bernie Sanders Hospitalized, Cancels Upcoming Events

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – October 2, 2019 – Sen. Bernie Sanders was hospitalized in Las Vegas, Nevada after a recent campaign event. According to ABC News:

ABC News first learned from officials about the Vermont senator being hospitalized after his plans to attend a presidential gun forum changed.

He is one of three septuagenarians in the Democratic primary, and the oldest. Former Vice President Joe Biden is 76. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is 70.

President Donald Trump, who was the oldest elected president, is 73. If elected, Sanders would be the oldest president to serve.

Sanders’ last public appearance was at the Las Vegas shooting memorial on Tuesday night. Earlier this week, he was in New Hampshire where he held seven back-to-back events over the course of two days.

Shortly after announcing his presidential campaign in February, Sanders appeared on the campaign trail with a bandage on his head after being treated at a walk-in clinic for a minor injury while campaigning in South Carolina in mid-March. Sanders cut his head in the shower, according to the Associated Press, and after receiving a half-dozen stitches, the senator was given a “clean bill of health.”

The news of Sanders’ hospitalization comes on the heels of the presidential contender announcing he raised a whopping $25.3 million in Q3 — the largest quarter for any Democratic candidate this year, and a number that, on its own, eclipses Warren’s entire first and second quarters’ total. – ABC News

A fairly common procedure today, angioplasty is not as invasive as heart surgery, so Sen. Sanders could be back up and on the campaign trail again soon.

This story is still developing. Please check back for updates. 

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9 months ago

Seems to me that this would make him unfit for office… just saying.