BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported in Midland & Odessa, Texas

BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported in Midland & Odessa, Texas

MIDLAND and ODESSA, Texas – According to local Fox affiliate Fox 7 Austin there are reports of a possible active shooter situation:

“An active shooter wounded “multiple” people in the Midland and Odessa, Texas, area on Saturday afternoon before that person was shot dead at a movie theater.

It is not clear if the shooter shot himself or was shot dead by law enforcement. Police said as of 5:30 p.m. Central Time on Saturday that “there is no active shooter at the time.”

Earlier on Saturday, police in Odessa and Midland warned residents to stay away from public areas as they searched for an active shooter who was apparently targeting people at random.

“A subject (possibly 2) is currently driving around Odessa shooting at random people. At this time there are multiple gunshot victims,” said Odessa Police on Facebook earlier Saturday. They said that the shooter hijacked a US mail carrier truck and was in the area of 38th and Walnut.

The Midland Police Department said earlier Saturday that there were reports of two shooters in two separate vehicles. “The two vehicles in question are: gold/white small Toyota truck and a USPS Postal Van,” police said on Facebook. “One suspect is believed to be at the Cinergy in Midland and the other is believed to be driving on Loop 250 in Midland.”

Midland Police also said on Facebook that “there are reports of an active shooter at the Home Depot in Odessa.”

The ATF said that agents were helping with the response to the shooting on IH-20 near Odessa.” – Fox 7 Austin 

According to the ATF Dallas Twitter page:

A citizen was able to take some footage of the incident:

Recent events show there is an argument to be made for law abiding citizens to be armed and trained in tactical self-defense were they could easily take the active shooter down if the need arose. This is the problem with ‘gun-free zones.’ Criminals do not abide by the law.

Please check back for updates, this story is still developing…

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