BREAKING: Covington Student Nicholas Sandmann Settles Washington Post $250 Million Defamation Lawsuit

BREAKING: Covington Student Nicholas Sandmann Settles Washington Post $250 Million Defamation Lawsuit

July 24, 2020 – Covington High School student, Nicholas Sandmann who was the subject of a horrific media smear campaign has settled the $250 million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post.

For those unaware of the Covington Catholic students story, I recommend you read our two prior articles on the topic, Part I and Part II. Essentially, the media took several news video clips out of context and ran with a totally fake and contrived story about the kids “attacking” a minority.

This was a coordinated media event with several piling on: CNN, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, etc. The false media frenzy led to the students being punished by their school and receiving death threats. Celebrities and “journalists” celebrated, saying things like the boys “should be thrown in a woodchipper.” Several called for them to be doxxed and have their addresses released, obviously a form of extreme targeted harassment, bullying and defamation with the intent to lead to offline harm. They are still suffering as a result of this media driven hoax. The boys were simply at a Christian, pro-life rally when they were targeted and called animals by Black Hebrew Israelites, as well as activists like Nathan Philips.

According to Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial:

Nicholas Sandmann, one of the students from Covington High School who was vilified in January 2019 for innocently standing at the Lincoln Memorial with his student group while wearing a MAGA hat, won his defamation suit against the Washington Post today.

The Covington kids were called names and social media erupted with comments as to Sandmann’s ‘punchable face.’ Criticism erupted over Sandmann’s political expression, and the Washington Post assumed that the boys were racist and derogatory to the man Sandmann can be seen here talking to.

The terms of the settlement have yet to be disclosed. Sandmann was also involved in litigation against NBC. CNN recently settled a $275 million lawsuit with Sandmann.

In 2019, the CBC had to apologize for their broadcast of the fake news about the Covington kids. Sandmann filed lawsuits against multiple news outlets. – The Post Millennial 

Nicholas took to Twitter to announce the news himself, as it is also his birthday.

Incredibly, it does not seem that any of the media outlets involved in running with the fake news narrative have been reprimanded or that they have learned anything from the lawsuit. They continue to engage in the same kinds of unethical behavior.

There are six other defamation cases currently ongoing, and hopefully they will soon be settled as well. These kids deserve to be vindicated publicly after being subjected to their traumatic ordeal.

Lin Wood, one of the attorneys representing Nicholas Sandmann tweeted out that these other outlets who participated in this premeditated act of defamation should be paying attention to the recent action in the case.

Hopefully this case will make activists and journalists think twice before trying to target and smear innocent protesters simply holding pro life signs. They will stage events for ideological reasons. They will deliberately attack someone, then the minute that person tries to defend themselves, the media rolls in to snap a picture and get a clip which is then taken totally out of context and published. So-called journalists often do feature this content  for click-bait, web traffic and clout. They know if they get a story “with legs,” it can be packaged and sold as “anti-Trump” and the media will promote it for weeks.

There are real world consequences for these media driven hoaxes though, notably being threatened and harassed by far left extremists like ANTIFA. The media provide cover for these domestic terrorists. Sandmann claims he has lived under constant threat. Despite the required apology from CNN, many people are unaware of the retraction. Many people still believe the initial false media reports.


Unfortunately, aided by social media monopolies, the media have been empowered to smear people, suffering if any consequences for their actions. While a $250 million dollar settlement is nice, it’s a drop in the bucket to behemoths like the Washington Post. They just crassly consider such payoffs a cost of doing business.

This story is still developing, as there are several other lawsuits still ongoing. We will continue to follow these numerous lawsuits and report on them as more information comes out.

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