Et Tu, Reddit?

Et Tu, Reddit?

Reddit has “quarantined” the subreddit r/The_Donald, a community with 767,000 members. At the risk of losing followers, Reddit has decided to censor them in order to increase advertising revenue growth.  Reddit is a social media platform used mainly by Americans. Unlike Google or Twitter, its reach for audience is not international.  As a nation that reveres the First Amendment, the majority of Reddit’s user base is likely contrary to censorship.  As advertising rates are based on user data, this move will target popular subreddits and risk alienating many of them.  Censoring Donald Trump supporters may not be the best move for business.

According to Steve Huffman, Reddit’s CEO, “Reddit will give them [advertisers] a ‘human-approved whitelist’ of communities that are deemed safe.”  Some claim this list uses “incredibly vague new rules.”  Reddit also has to keep its 330 million active monthly users.  Right off the bat, Reddit is taking a swat at 767,000 of those concentrated Trump users in r/The_Donald subreddit community.  There’s no telling how many Trump supporters populate other subreddit communities.

Being quarantined on Reddit means the targeted subreddit(s) will receive no revenue and are excluded from the search function on the site.  The censorship of r/The_Donald subreddit began after Media Matters (an organization funded by George Soros) reported that users in the Trump subreddit had advocated violence.  The specific exchange was about an Oregon State House standoff where a number of Republicans fled the capital to deny the Governor a quorum needed to pass an extreme climate change bill. In the meantime, PJ Media reports another subreddit called for a white genocide now. One subreddit claimed that “violence against the right is always acceptable and should absolutely be encouraged … increasingly I think the only possible solution is actually extrajudicially killing people …”  Neither of these subreddits have been taken down.

According to The Sun there was an ongoing spat between Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, and the subreddit communities over Huffman’s failure to ban a pedophile subreddit community. He finally banned the perverts but not before he gained the nick name Paedo.  His user name at Reddit is Spez and one night he attacked the board in fury.  He changed the text of every message where Paedo was mentioned to “Donald Trump.”  He ended up apologizing for what he had done.  Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large at the website, InfoWars, reported to The Sun:

Reddit is potentially even worse than Twitter when it comes to censoring perfectly legitimate discussion…The site routinely removes threads that are damaging to left-wing narratives and prevents them from going viral. reports that the President’s section on Reddit was one of the most active grassroots support centers for the President on the Internet.  The Trump subreddit community has moderators that immediately remove speech which violates the community standards. This did not stop Huffman from quarantining the group.  How the Trump group and other members who support Donald Trump and/or free speech will respond, is yet to be seen.

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