FOIA Request on Samantha Power's Emails Reveal Anti-Trump Bias

FOIA Request on Samantha Power’s Emails Reveal Anti-Trump Bias

WASHINGTON, D.C – Last Monday, June 24th, 2019, John Solomon appeared during Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News to discuss the findings of a recent FOIA lawsuit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice pertaining to some of Samantha Power’s government emails:

“What I can report is that Samantha Power has the same sort of anti-Trump bias in her government emails that we saw with Pete Strzok and Lisa Page at the FBI.”

“What she was saying about Trump at the same time these unmaskings were going on, I’m certain it’s going to trouble the American public.”

It appears that not only did Samantha Power file an unprecedented amount of requests to unmask American citizens, she did so while spewing the same sort of anti-Trump bias in her government emails that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok did in their infamous and revealing texts. In an article by Sara Carter, it was also revealed that Power was in communication with Strzok and Page. Allegedly, many of those she targeted for unmasking were involved in President Trump’s campaign and transition team. These revelations are causing suspicion that Power’s unmasking activities were politically motivated.

John Solomon of the Hill reported:

“Power’s obvious anti-Trump predisposition in the emails raises questions about a political motive for the unmaskings done under her authority, several congressional investigators told me.”

In a closed-door congressional testimony in the summer of 2018, Samantha Power testified that some of the unmasking requests were not made by her, but by other government officials who were using her name.

This story is developing.

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