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So, You Want To “Defund” and Get Rid of the Cops, Huh?

New York Post: George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis police union chief

Also, ever notice everything the left insists be done to fix anything involves mass change across the boards that actually directly affects the mass population — from “climate change” fixers to the nation’s police to “racism” (cured by ALL whites kneeling and prostrating themselves, akin to Islamic intimidation, for the centuries old sins we today had nothing to do with)?

Yes, by all means necessary, let’s defund and abolish the cities’ police, and depend on ‘social justice’ workers to come in after your house has been broken into, you’ve been brutalized and even raped, your children kidnapped, etc. It is such a wonderful ‘progressive’ utopian idea that surely will not turn into a worst case Orwellian scenario on every level of life as we know it … will it?

New York Post: Top Democratic leaders try to quell calls to ‘defund the police’ ahead of election …

Sorry, but ya can’t put toothpaste back in the tube, dems.

When people are looking to move/buy a house there is a basic check list they go through before even looking at the homes.
1. crime rate in the area
2. Adequate police and fire
3. Schools
4. Availability of hospital, stores, services, etc….
and then, once you’ve established those situations
5. Property taxes
6. Property value
Numbers 1 and 2 pretty much decide the answers to the rest of the list.

Just The News: You Vote: Should police departments in America be defunded? Some liberals are leading a charge to cut funding to police departments. You weigh in.

This woman just needs to stop talking on TV. Over these last 3+ years it’s been said Trump has exposed the Democrats and MSM for what/who they are. George Floyd’s death is exposing those Democrats on state/local levels for what/who they really are, and continues to expose the MSM for the useless idiots they always are in accepting non-answers to questions and not asking stern and precise questions …

Twitchy: Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender is going to ‘reimagine’ how to respond if someone starts shooting

Fox News Channel: Overheard in Chicago: Distraught Windy City officials caught on tape fuming over looting, riots: ‘My ward is a s–t show’

Ryan Saavedra: Top L.A. Democrat Pushed To Cut LAPD Funding While Having Private LAPD Detail At Her Home Since April

Tyler McCarthy: Tom Arnold suggests people exercise Second Amendment rights against unmarked police in Washington D.C.

Twitchy: AWFUL: Defense attorney under LAPD investigation for shocking Instagram posts INCLUDING calling for the murder of police (screenshots)

Twitchy: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains what ‘defund’ the police REALLY means, gets tripped up by the FACTS yet again

VIDEO: Sheriff who attended White House roundtable says law enforcement leaders are in concert with Trump on reform

WND: Sheriff David Clarke: ‘You’d have to loathe black people’ to defund police: ‘We’re going to burn the United States and call for huge policy changes from an anomaly?’

Mike Huckabee: Don’t defund the police, get rid of the Democrat mayors running cities

VIDEO: Ilhan Omar challenger says push to disband Minneapolis police department is ‘reckless’

Tucker Carlson: Black Lives Matter is now a powerful political party and has nothing to do with black lives

Twitchy: But cops are BAD, m’kay! James Woods locked for listing names of police officers killed in the line of duty so far in 2020

Breitbart: During Riots, Chicago Had Bloodiest Day in City’s History: 18 Murders in One Day

Twitchy: WaPo reporter says Trump caused ‘one of the most violent scenes ever caught on camera’ for walk to St. Johns Church during DC protest … Pretty sure this was a more ‘violent scene caught outside the White House’, and involved fire AND death. But WaPo keeps being WaPoo…

New York Post: Man sets himself on fire near White House

~~Many thanks to Maggie for permission to reprint her TheUniversalSpectator.wordpress.com article.

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