Jeffrey Epstein's Estate Sued Along with 10 Other Defendants

Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Sued Along with 10 Other Defendants

NEW YORK, NY – Aug 15,  Two women have sued the Estate of Jeffrey Epstein, along with Sue Roe, and Roes 2-10. This means that 10 unnamed defendants are also named in the civil case.

The case was filed in the United States District Court Southern District of New York and demanded a jury trial.  The complaint was filed based on the two women’s own experience and information.

The complaint alleges that “Epstein was a serial sexual predator who exploited his wealth and power to fraudulently and forcefully entice young women into engaging in abusive commercial sex acts.” 

The complaint also alleges that through his “recruiter” Sue Roe, aspiring models were persuaded to perform massages on him for cash. These massages were to get these models into his home where he forced them to touch him and watch him masturbate. The opportunities, which were obtained through Sue Roe, have permanently damaged these women’s lives and also their careers. This damage extends well past Epstein’s death.

The two woman, identified as victims of sex trafficking and molestation, are using a pseudonym because “public disclosure of their identities may subject them to further embarrassment, shame, and emotional harm.” Both women are citizens of the U.S., however one lives in Japan and one lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to the complaint, the true identities of Sue Roe and ROES 2 through 10 are unknown. Once they are known, the complaint will be amended to include their real names.

The complaint alleges that both women worked at The Coffee Shop in New York, New York. Both women were aspiring models. June 2004, Sue Roe approached Jane Doe 1 and 2 separately, offering them hundreds of dollars to give Epstein a massage. Sue Roe took them to a club detailing the job to massage Epstein. The woman accepted the offer with excitement and hope. Roe gave assurances to both women that the job would not include anything sexual.

However, during the massage, Epstein made advances and masturbated. At the end of the massage, Jane Doe 1 was paid and offered a job to bring more women. She refused.

Jane Doe 2 came to his mansion a few days later where a similar situation occurred ending with forced penetration. She was paid hundreds of dollars.

The woman allege that, “Epstein’s method of recruiting and enticing Plaintiffs, and his fraudulent conversion of the massage to molestation, intentionally made Plaintiffs feel as if the incidents that took place in his mansion were not crimes. This was a deliberate plan and scheme by Epstein, and carried out by Roe, to ensure that his victims were unaware that they were victims to avoid criminal and civil liability. Until Epstein’s July 2019 criminal indictment, Plaintiffs had been unaware that, due to these incidents, they had victims of sordid sex-trafficking scheme.”

The complaint from Jane Doe 2 also states, “until recently, Plaintiffs’ psychological damages have been debilitating, and have prevented them from understanding and asserting their legal rights. Additionally, Plaintiffs have feared and have been intimidated by Epstein, his wealth, his close connections to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and other powerful political, business and legal leaders, and have feared retaliation.”

The complaint against all defendants allege that the crime was a violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The only reason they accepted the invitation to take these jobs was because they understood them to be an opportunity for financial gain. Epstein knew “he would make fraudulent and enticing offers for harmless ‘massages.’ He knew that he would engage in fraudulent massage practices and then use force to sexually touch Plaintiffs for his own sexual gratification.”

“Once he knowingly recruited and enticed Plaintiffs to appear at the massage appointments, Epstein then engaged in commercial sex acts with Plaintiffs by forcibly fondling them, including their genitals, for sexual gratification under the fraudulent guise of massages in exchange for money.”

“Plaintiffs initially complied with Epstein’s orders during the fraudulent massages because they believed they were part of the ‘massages.’ They believed that they had to engage in these practices to get paid. When Epstein then began to touch Plaintiffs in an aggressive, sexual manner, Plaintiffs were terrified and froze. Indeed, through his fraudulent representations, Epstein had isolated each of the Plaintiffs in a small, dark room in an unfamiliar mansion that had clearly indicated to Plaintiffs that Epstein was a very wealthy, powerful man. Plaintiffs felt they had no other choice but to comply with this man’s orders.”

The complaint prays for relief for compensatory damages and punitive damages in an amount of $100,000,000, all attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.

This story is just beginning. Stay tuned for updates…..

To read the full complaint, click here.

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