Jeffrey Epstein's Private Banker at Deutsche Bank & Citi Found Hanging, Immediately Ruled 'Suicide'

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at Deutsche Bank & Citi Found Hanging, Immediately Ruled ‘Suicide’

December 3, 2019 – Multiple reports have surfaced that Jeffrey Epstein’s personal private banker has been found hanging. Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the U .S. division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG and handled loans for Epstein allegedly with Citi purportedly committed suicide last month by hanging himself. According to a report from Mike “Thomas Paine” Moore of True Pundit:

Jeffrey Epstein’s private wealth banker, who brokered and signed off on untold multiple millions of dollars in controversial Deutsche Bank and Citibank loans spanning two decades for the convicted pedophile, has died from a reported suicide.

The news of yet another mysterious Epstein-linked death comes shortly after the FBI was seeking to interview the bank executive about loans he approved for Epstein and the indicted child trafficker’s labyrinth of US-based and offshore companies.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner confirmed Thomas Bowers died by an apparent suicide by hanging at his home before Thanksgiving.

Epstein likewise died from a reported suicide by hanging, according to the New York City Medical Examiner.

Bowers headed the private wealth banking division for Deutsche Bank and signed off on millions in loans to Epstein. Bowers, prior to taking over the private banking arm at Deutsche Bank, served in the same top position at Citibank, as the head of the bank’s private wealth arm. Citigroup also made massive loans to Epstein, according to records and banking sources who spoke to True Pundit. – True Pundit

Deutsche Bank has long been rumored to be the bank of choice for white collar criminals and cartels involved in money laundering and shady deals. In fact, Deutsche Bank has been fined millions of dollars in relation to these schemes. Most recently they have been under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for their alleged role in the Danske Bank scandal. The True Pundit article continues:

True Pundit founder Mike ‘Thomas Paine’ Moore previously headed anti-money laundering for a major Citigroup division during the time frame Citi commenced large loans to Epstein.

‘The loans to Epstein were personal and commercial,’ Paine confirmed. ‘The Citi loans I can confirm were for more than $25 million. Some were secured, some were not.’

Did Citi bend its lending rules for Epstein? Paine said that appears ‘quite likely,’ with Bowers and other Citi executives he later recruited to work for him at Deutsche all working to secure the approvals regardless of compliance-related red flags.

And sources said Citi loaned Epstein much more money, eclipsing $100 million and also allowed Epstein to use the bank to send thousands of wire transfers from his accounts. Bowers, who turned up dead just days ago, brokered the loans for Epstein, sources said.

Bowers was the chief of Deutsche Bank’s Private Wealth Management division and worked from the bank’s Park Avenue offices in New York City. At Citi, Bowers served as the chief of the The Citi Private Bank and previously ran Citigroup’s Global Markets and Wealth Management businesses.

And when Bowers left Citi for Deutsche Bank, Epstein followed.

Meanwhile, Epstein stopped making payments on his millions in outstanding Citi loans. But that mattered little because Bowers approved new high-risk loans and credit lines from Deutsche Bank, sources said.

And that relationship with Epstein continued until Bowers left Deutsche Bank in 2015.  By that time, Epstein had chalked up untold millions in loans with the help of Bowers who recruited many of his top private wealth top bankers from Citi to Deutsche Bank.

The FBI who was interested in interviewing Bowers, sources confirm. The FBI subpoenaed Deutsche Bank in May for all loans and accounts linked to Epstein and there were many unanswered questions. Deutsche Bank closed out Epstein’s accounts weeks after the bank was served federal subpoenas. – True Pundit

The FBI has not seemed very interested in going after Jeffrey Epstein or his co-conspirators. Epstein was the front man of an alleged international human trafficking network that appears to have had the back of an intelligence agency for the purpose of blackmail according to some of the victims. Shane Trejo of Big League Politics in an article entitled ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s Longtime Banker Found Dead, Immediately Ruled a Suicide’ reports that:

Epstein moved millions of his personal wealth through Deutsche Bank before his death. He switched to Deutsche Bank in 2013 after his conviction for child sex crimes when even JP Morgan would no longer do business with him. Following investigations into civil cases exposing the extent of Epstein’s criminal network by the Miami Herald, Deutsche Bank finally began to close his accounts.

Even though Epstein allegedly refused to pay Citi back for the loans they gave him, Bowers continued to do business with him because of his elite connections. He also reportedly traveled to Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, and was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s lavish New York City home.

‘Epstein made Bowers and his financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars,’ one banking executive told True Pundit. ‘It really didn’t even matter that Epstein stiffed Citi for $30 million in defaults because he brought so much new money, new blood in. Citi made far more than it lost.’

Anything that Bowers may have been able to divulge about Epstein’s network died with him. Loose ends are being tied up, and the powerful individuals who Epstein provided with illicit child sex services have to be breathing a sigh of relief as a result. – Big League Politics

Google appears to be attempting to squash the story by burying the search results:

This story is still developing. Please check back for updates. 

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