Judicial Watch Obtains McCabe Memo and Hillary Refuses Documents

Judicial Watch Obtains McCabe Memo and Hillary Refuses Documents

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept 23, 2019  Judicial Watch announced that they obtained a memo dated May 16, 2017 written by then-acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, regarding then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s desire to wear a wire into a meeting with President Trump.  Rosenstein proposed wearing the wire because he was free of searches at the White House.  Also, Judicial Watch announced that Hillary Clinton was refusing to turn over a six-page document to the court as ordered and does not want to accept the court order for a deposition with Judicial Watch.

McCabe’s memo recounted a discussion between the president, Jeff Sessions (former Attorney General) and Don McGahn (former White House counsel) with Rosenstein.  President Trump asked Rosenstein to write a memo explaining the reason for Comey’s firing.  That is when Rosenstein proposed to McCabe that he wear a wire in the White House.

Meanwhile,  Hillary Clinton is appealing to the Court to be permitted to withhold a six-page document from the court’s previous order for documents.  This document described her attorney’s decision to delete e-mails.  In addition, she has refused to submit to a deposition with Judicial Watch as ordered by the court.

“Mrs. Clinton’s attorneys filed opposition to our deposition tonight. She also seeks to withhold a 6 page memo describing her lawyer’s review and deletion of her emails,” Tom Fitton said on Monday night.

Tom Fitton also said that Judicial Watch will “respond to her deposition opposition in 10 days and may file motion to compel on email doc.”    Gateway Pundit


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