Kevin Spacey Alleged Victim Dies During Trial

Kevin Spacey Alleged Victim Dies During Trial

An unnamed massage therapist who was suing Kevin Spacey for sexual misconduct (John Doe) is dead according to a court filing.  The lawsuit uses Spacey’s real name Kevin Flower.  The case involved Flower forcing himself on the massage therapist.  Flower’s lawyers said they were informed on September 11 that the therapist had “recently passed.”  At this time, the cause of death is not known nor is it clear that the John Doe estate will complete the law suit.

According to Page Six:

“The massage therapist, who filed his suit as an anonymous John Doe, had claimed he was attacked by the “American Beauty” actor two years ago during a massage session in Malibu.

Spacey, 60, allegedly twice grabbed the masseur’s hand and guided it to his private parts, the suit said. The Oscar winner was also accused of grabbing the alleged victim’s shoulders in an attempt to kiss him and trying to fondle his genitals.

Spacey also allegedly asked to perform a sex act on the massage therapist — causing him to bolt from the session.” – Page Six 

Allegedly Spacey has also been involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and is a donor to Hillary Clinton.

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