Leaked Audio: Ukraine 'Anti-Corruption' Dir. Brags About Helping Hillary Clinton in 2016

Leaked Audio: Ukraine ‘Anti-Corruption’ Dir. Brags About Helping Hillary Clinton in 2016

After nearly three years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent on investigating so-called Russian collusion, what was actually uncovered was incredible misconduct and partisan antics undertaken to target the Trump campaign. Assigned to investigate the origins of the probe and to get to the bottom of the misconduct, U.S. Attorney John Durham has been investigating since 2018. The investigation is broad, well-established at this point and everyone is aware that an active investigation is on-going.

It was reported that certain Ukrainians meddled in the 2016 elections. Alexandra Chapula, Ukrainian-American and Democrat operative, colluded on behalf of the DNC, with the Ukraine embassy in Washington D.C. and reporter Michael Isikoff to target Paul Manafort, then the head of the Trump campaign.

According to an article by ZeroHedge.com:

Thanks to Chalupa’s outreach on behalf of Clinton and the DNC, Artem Sytnyk, Ukraine’s Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU – which Joe Biden helped form) and lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko released a “black ledger” containing off-book payments to Manafort. In December of 2018, a Ukrainian court ruled that Sytnyk and Leshchenko “acted illegally” by releasing Manafort’s name, according to the Kiev Post (Keep reading for an interesting Biden connection).

In short, a DNC operative coordinated Ukrainian election meddling in the 2016 US election – and worked with a US journalist to ensure it would inflict maximum damage to the Trump campaign.

While the ruling against Sytnyk and Leshchenko was later overturned on a technicality, The Blaze obtained and translated recording of Sytnyk bragging about helping Clinton in the 2016 US election. 

This has been well-established by many court documents, internal emails and interviews that have taken place since.

Glenn Beck of the Blaze has obtained leaked audio that his website has translated. It details the statements made:

Kolya: Did they, those Russians, help Trump? Your people?

Sytnyk: I think they did. Yeah. I helped him, too. Not him, but Hillary. I helped her.

Kolya: Yeah. Right. Then her position tottered, right?

Sytnyk: Well, this is how they write about it, right.

Ivan: Hillary’s humanitarian aid … [indiscernible.]

Kolya: Well, I’m about … the commentaries. At the time, we were not [indiscernible.]

Sytnyk: Trump … his purely inner problem … issue … they dominate over the external matters. While Hillary, she is — how shall I put it? She belongs to the cohort of politicians who comprise the hegemony in the US. Both in the US and the entire world, right? For us, it’s … sort of … better. For Americans … what Trump is doing is better for them.

Kolya: Well, we have lots of those American experts here now … [indiscernible.]

Sytnyk: Well, there, you see why Hillary lost the elections? I was in charge of the investigation of their “black accounting” records. We made the Manafort’s data available to general public.

Kolya: So what?

Sytnyk: He was imprisoned. Manafort then was the head of the Supreme Headquarter of Trump, right? Then he was dismissed, too, including due to the “black accounting.” After that, he was sentenced to 80 years of imprisonment term. How about Trump? Did he not give a s***. They have their system working there and it works smoothly.

Kolya: Everybody worked smoothly there.

Sytnyk: And when they carried out the elections, a week before the elections, the FBI reopened the investigation in respect of Hillary. So her rating dropped for 7 percent and that’s why Trump managed to win the elections at a pinch.
I’m still unable to understand why he’s fighting with the FBI. They try to catch him on the hand. If it were not the FBI, he would not have won the elections. They torpedoed Hillary’s ratings for 7 percent. – The Blaze

So, Stynyk admits to helping meddle in the 2016 U.S. elections, and to working with the Hillary campaign. Why is it the mainstream media isn’t interested in this admitted foreign meddling and collusion?

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