McEnany Firmly Stakes Out the POTUS Platform and Tone

McEnany Firmly Stakes Out the POTUS Platform and Tone

Pleasanton, Cal – May 8, 2020 – Just in case the media thinks that the new White House Press Secretary can be derailed or taken off stride, a re-watch of the ending of today’s presser will disabuse them of the notion.

Kayleigh McEnany opened her presser by delivering a full-throated supportive statement on the Flynn EXONERATION. She followed that with an expose of the media’s failure to report on the Flynn/DOJ-FBI criminal behavior for the last three years.

Stating that the FBI exists to investigate crime,

 … but in the case of LtGen Michael Flynn, it appears that they might have existed to manufacture one. As the Motion filed yesterday by the Department of Justice explains, ‘the FBI set out to interview Michael Flynn when they had no predicate for any investigation of any crime.’

Over the past week we learned from a handwritten note the true intent behind the FBI’s investigation of LtGen Michael Flynn. The very day that then FBI director James Comey sent agents to the White House to interview Flynn, the FBI discussed what their intent was beforehand. This is what they said: ‘What is our goal? Truth? Admission? Or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired.’

These notes in addition to other evidence raise serious questions about the FBI handling of Michael Flynn’s case. Did the FBI confront Flynn with the intent to get him to lie so that ‘we can prosecute him and fire him?’ Did the FBI manufacture a crime against LtGen Michael Flynn? Federal investigators appear to paint a target on the back of Michael Flynn.

@PressSec continued to lay out the point-by-point discussion of issues involved in the Flynn case, as amplified by a Kimberly Strassel WSJ editorial over the weekend (unfortunately behind a paywall).

When the briefing was cut short by a pending live event in the Oval, CBS’ Paula Reid attempted to keep Kayleigh at the podium by shouting out a question that went something like this: So spending so much time on your opening statement when there are ___ unemployed … blah blah. “Is that what’s top of mind today at this White House?”

Without waiting for the finish, Kayleigh never missed a step leaving and giving her a side eye, she shot back “JUSTICE MATTERS,” leaving Reid shouting to the emptying room.

Full video of the 20-minute press briefing (courtesy of the White House):

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