Monday Newsfeed: Bonfire of the Insanities

Monday Newsfeed: Bonfire of the Insanities

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Hey, crazy doesn’t get the weekends off, ya know.

The Pandemic of The Tyrannies:

Yep. Like here.

Victory Girls: Shanghai Lockdown Horror: Starvation And Suicide

Right now in Shanghai, China the Chinese government is starving people to keep them from dying from the China virus…

Leslie Eastman: Brutal COVID Lockdown and Food Shortages? What Is Happening in Shanghai, China? Starving people who feel they have nothing to lose can become very difficult to control.

FNC: Dr. Redfield: China’s failed ‘zero-COVID’ policy proves lockdowns don’t work (w/VIDEO)

Peter Aitken: Fauci says people should decide ‘individual risk’ for COVID, reverting back to masks possible: Fauci urged Congress to provide funding for tests, drugs and vaccines

A couple of things to keep in-mind here in the USA. Last week Psaki at the daily White House press briefing snapped back at a question regarding the wide, and about to be gaping, open border when #1. Title 42 (a policy implemented during these last 2+ years of this pandemic emergency situation in order to return illegal immigrants back over the border) and countless hoards of sick and unvaxxed flood into the States just when the virus was on the downturn that #2. ‘the republicans just are not cooperating with the dems and “blocking” the COVID spending bill (the dems and Biden bunch call it ‘relief’ bill) passed’…

DM: White House slams Senate Republicans for stopping $10billion COVID bill: Jen Psaki says it’s ‘disappointing’ and ‘a step backward’ in the fight against the pandemic after all 50 GOP lawmakers block legislation in a 47-52 vote

  • A motion to move forward with debate on the spending bill was blocked on Tues
  • The legislation, which the White House has said was desperately needed, could now be delayed for weeks while federal Covid resources dwindle
  • Republicans are withholding support unless Democrats include a provision that would keep the Trump-era Title 42 expulsion policy in place 
  • ‘There’ll have to be an amendment on Title 42 in order to move the bill,’ McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters on Tuesday 
  • The Biden administration announced last week that, Title 42, which is used to expel a majority of immigrants on the southern border, will expire by May 23
  • Department of Homeland Security officials say the Trump-era measure’s expiration is likely to cause a fresh surge in border crossings

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.: And Just Like That, Doctors Have Their Autonomy Back: Those physicians attempting to use their autonomy to offer what in their opinion is the best care for their patients, have been ridiculed, castigated, and threatened with loss of license or job…

Guess who…

Emily Crane: NY, Calif. failed in handling of COVID — but Florida was among best: study

The Virus in Our Public Schools:

Houston Keene: Democrats risk repeating errors from VA gov race by siding against parents’ rights: Democrats’ push against bills like one backed by Florida Gov DeSantis may not resonate with Americans

VIDEO: Floridians react to Disney’s “wokeness” after DeSantis passes Parental Rights in Education bill

VIDEO: Biden administration proposing new rules for charter school grants – Tripp Scott Attorneys at Law CEO Ed Pozzuoli discuss why the new rules make it more challenging to secure federal funding. … No. No. No. Children must only attend the public school factories of indoctrination.

Anders Hagstrom: NJ Gov. Murphy willing to ‘entertain’ changes to gender identity lessons for 2nd graders: Gov. Murphy says parents ‘deserve’ say in gender lessons

Jessica Chasmar: NJ sample lesson plans push videos for 5th graders on graphic sex-related content: Video tells kids masturbating ‘a few times a day’ is healthy way to relieve stress

Ben Zeisloft: California School Creates ‘Transition Closet’; Allows Students To ‘Swap Out’ Of Clothes ‘Parents Approve Of’

Hannah Grossman: Why schools adopted the 1619 Project as a curriculum when it was full of historical errors: One critic of the project described it as ‘history told through the lens of critical race theory’

The Biden Primetime Crime Drama:

You know, the media-types are already setting up the excuse for Hunter’s wasted days and wasted nights, and his foreign money graft. ‘Oh, he was two years old when his mother was killed in the car accident (that his father wrongly smeared the driver of the truck as having been drunk) and he and his brother were passed-off to their aunt (Biden’s sister) so Daddy could move to his new lifetime career in The Swamp … or something. I’m sorry but there has got to be more to this to explain this very broken person and what he has done with his adult life so far.

Miranda Devine: The Biden family scheme unravels: If the grand jury in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden’s business ventures does its job properly, it will be pulling on the threads that lead to the president, and already there are signs that is happening…

Jeff Dunetz: Did Hunter’s China Cash Pay Joe’s Family Bills? Why Does Biden Favor China?

Debra Heine: New Emails Provide Smoking Gun Evidence that Joe Biden Was Directly Involved in Hunter’s Corrupt Business Dealings

Daniel Schmidt: The Question Anne Applebaum Refused to Answer … This young man is going to make a Hell of an investigative reporter in a few years.

The MSM loves their Biden Mitty and Kamala word salads…

Nick Arama: Kamala Has a Clueless Word Salad That Might Make Your Head Hurt

Matt Margolis: Biden Needs to Brace Himself for a Brutal Inflation Report … Well, Joe’ll be just fine, even though he’s going to get the blame for this … from his own gang. That’s the beauty of not knowing who you are, where the Hell you are, and WTF year it is. He can wake-up unemployed tomorrow in his basement with the dogs and not even recall he’d been sleeping in the White House basement for these last 15 months.

Better and Better – Elon Musk’s Shine Time:

Robert Spencer: Elon Musk Is NOT Joining the Twitter Board After All, and That’s Good News

Agrawal promised that he would still listen to Musk anyway: “We have and will always value input from our shareholders whether they are on our Board or not. Elon is our biggest shareholder and we will remain open to his input.” Then Agrawal added ominously: “There will be distractions ahead, but our goals and priorities remain unchanged.” There’s your problem right there. “The decisions we make and how we execute is in our hands, no one else’s.” That is, not in Elon Musk’s. Agrawal told Twitter wonks: “Let’s tune out the noise, and stay focused on the work and what we’re building.”

That was all certainly a shot across the bow at Musk, but it could be one of Agrawal’s last notes of defiance. Journalist Jordan Schachtel observed: “Elon Musk not taking a board seat is bullish for free speech coming back to Twitter. The board seat was a proposed tactic by Twitter’s current execs & board to curb his influence (limiting his maximum shares to 14.9%). Musk can now pursue a hostile takeover if he so chooses. He acquired 9% of company shares from Feb to April. Will he get to 18% by June? Next SEC filing should be interesting to see! IMO this process is already happening. Shareholders don’t care about the woke stuff. And given Elon’s record of making shareholders rich, wouldn’t be surprised to see SJW panic in Twitter exec world right now.” What a wonderful thought. In a similar vein, the managing editor of New York Focus, Peter Sterne, tweeted: “Elon joining Twitter’s board was contingent on him agreeing not to buy more than 15% of Twitter. Now he’s not joining the board. So does that mean he can he [sic] buy as much of Twitter’s outstanding stock as he wants?” We can only hope.

HEH! Look, I know down the road Musk will say or do something that rubs all his new ‘conservative/libertarian’ fans the wrong way. But I doubt he’d be willing to really do any long-term damage to his new-found “You da man, Elon” status with them. Musk may have always swung left a bit, but he’s not a crazy WOKE-ist, and he loathes them as much as any average person does. To which, his Twitter acquisitions and musings over his prospects for the social media entity run-amuck with power against half its users has indeed pissed-off the #WOKE left and has them in need of extra-absorbent adult diapers as they deem him “Darth Vader”. I certainly do hope he buys more Twitter stock and shakes the Hell out of the social media overlords, as well as the MSM elites…


Robert Shibley @ Instapundit:

FORMER REDDIT CEO ELLEN PAO: WE’RE DOOMED IF ELON MUSK DIALS BACK TWITTER CENSORSHIP. I was going to submit that this might be the dumbest thing ever written, but that’s not fair. There is no way she actually believes stuff like this:

Musk’s appointment to Twitter’s board shows that we need regulation of social-media platforms to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication… The people who benefit from unrestricted amplification of their views will also be the same people who have benefited from that privilege for centuries.

Yeah, because rich and powerful people (like Musk, who could just buy Twitter outright if he wanted) were the people who had trouble getting their message out before free speech was a thing. All of this argument for social media censorship of “dangerous” viewpoints is an establishment snow job. The target of the censorship is John and Jane Q. Public. Anyone who says it’s not is lying.

Yeah, Ellen, I think Musk’s buying up a shitload more Twitter stock is a bigger and better plan.

Twitchy: Former Reddit CEO manages to make ‘free-speechers’ a derogatory term

BTW, this is Ellen Pao…

I guess she likes ‘groomers’ of children.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Ellen. The ‘Rocket Man’ shrugs while farting in your general direction…

Ariel Zilber: Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter HQ into a homeless shelter


Twitchy: New polls from CBS and ABC show why Biden and Dems are in trouble ahead of the midterms

Charles Gasparino: Southern comfort: Millionaires fleeing ever-higher New York tax smack … Again, leave your bullshit leftist voting in the Rotten Apple.

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Do Republicans Have a Legit Shot at the Senate in November?

Liz Sheld: Bad Economic News Haunts Democrats Ahead of Midterms

Twitchy: Jen Psaki reminds Americans to direct their anger at Putin and only Putin when they see tomorrow’s ‘extraordinarily elevated’ inflation data [videos] … Sure, Jen. Sure.

John S. Baker: Trump as Speaker of the House? A determined speaker of the House theoretically could do much more to weaken the permanent bureaucracy. … Now THIS I would love to see happen.

Twitchy: Adbusters wants you to let the air out of people’s SUV tires, but start by targeting wealthy areas … They tell you to put a ‘leaflet on the dash’— um, first you vandalize private property, and then you break and enter said property to leave your scrap paper. Mmmkay. Oh, and “gentle escalation’, eh?

VIDEO: Newt Gingrich reacts to environmental group advocating for climate activists to deflate SUV tires to fight climate change


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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