POTUS Sees USNS Comfort Out To Sea

POTUS Sees USNS Comfort Out To Sea

Indianapolis March 28, 2020 – While standing at Pier 8 in Norfolk, Virginia, President Donald J. Trump sent off the crew and ship of the USNS Comfort with a scheduled docking in New York on Monday. Joining POTUS at Pier 8 was Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Kellyanne Conway, Rep.Mark Meadows (R-NC), Robert O’Brien and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell.

During his remarks, President Trump touched on the possibility of quarantining parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He added,

We will make a decision, very quickly, very shortly on hot areas of those states. We’ll be announcing that one way or the other, fairly soon. This does not apply to people, such as truckers, from outside the New York area. It won’t affect trade in any way.

After his remarks, POTUS turned to face the Comfort and saluted the ship as it rang its horn.  Then Secretary Esper joined him and both of them stood and watched as the ship pushed off from the pier and a tug boat pushed it out toward the open sea.

Full video of today’s send-off:

(courtesy of White House YouTube)

Full remarks of today’s send-off can be found here.
(courtesy of Public Pool)

Clips of today’s send-off:

(courtesy of White House Twitter)

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