President Trump Makes Campaign Stop In Cincinnati

President Trump Makes Campaign Stop In Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH – President Trump and Vice President Pence made another key stop in the battleground state of Ohio on Thursday. The Keep America Great campaign rolled into a Patriot filled U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati with everyone waiting outside 10-12 hours in 89 degree heat to see their President. The video below depicts what the main stream media won’t tell or show you about the crowd sizes not only at this rally last night, but previous campaign rallies in the past.

Before President Trump took the stage, the rally got jumped started by inspiring speeches by #Walk Away founder Brandon Straka, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, former Fox News and The Five host Kimberly Guilford, one of President Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and the Vice President Mike Pence.

During every speech, each speaker hit on the policies the Socialist Democrats are offering WE THE PEOPLE compared to the policies and the Promises Made and Promises Kept by President Trump and his administration over the last 2 years.

When Vice President Pence introduced President Trump, like at every other rally, President Trump seemed to own the stage in true patriotic and presidential fashion. During God Bless The USA, President Trump was walking down the long run away to the podium and off to his left was a group of 15-20 African American Patriots holding shirts with the saying “Trump and the Republicans aren’t racist”. President Trump acknowledged and pointed out a few of them during his walk up to the podium to start his speech.

President Trump started his speech out by pointing out his administration accomplishments over the past 2 years and what’s to come in the next 4 years. President Trump also mentioned how on fire the US economy is right now along with all the new jobs that have been added.

Immigration was a hot button issue during President Trump’s campaign in 2016 and still is today. President Trump spoke on how the left would love to leave the border open and let anyone cross over and flood into the United States. During President Trump’s speech on immigration, 2 groups of protesters, had home made banners with President Trump putting kids in cages and another read Immigrants Built The United States. The protesters were quickly escorted by and dealt with by the amazing Secret Service agents and fine Cincinnati Police Department Officers in attendance for the rally.

President Trump also spoke on foreign policy in regards to China; continuing to building up the greatest military in the World; making sure our military vets are well taken care of medically after their days of service have ended; and how if a Socialist Democrat was elected in 2020, they would take away all the winning President Trump and his administration had have since taken office.

In case you happened to miss President Trump’s speech last night in Cincinnati catch it here in its entirety courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting Network.

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