Reported Today: US Abortion rate fell to a 46-year low in 2017!

Reported Today: US Abortion rate fell to a 46-year low in 2017!

As reported in The LA Times, in 2017 the abortion rate fell to a 46-year low according to data analyzed by the Guttmacher Institute, which conducts a survey of abortion providers that is widely used by both sides of the debate.  This drop was true in both conservative and liberal states.  The report was released to the public by the LA Times on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.  In addition, it was reported the number of abortions fell 19% between 2011 and 2017.

Researchers pointed to several causes, including greater access to contraception as required under the Affordable Care Act and a possible decline in sexual activity.
They also speculated that more women may be accessing abortion medication outside traditional clinics or healthcare provider settings, such as by purchasing online. Those patients would not be included in these figures.  The pregnancy and birth rates nationwide are also in decline.
The abortion rate fell in several states that enacted strong pro-life legislation in recent years, suggesting that some of the pro-life movement’s efforts in state legislatures are successful in closing down shabby clinic operations.  At the same time, California, which increased access to abortions with no safety standards, saw a drop in the abortion rates.
Four states that enacted laws requiring clinics to have building and safety standards comparable to hospitals experienced some of the most significant declines in their abortion rate. Between 2011 and 2017, the abortion rate fell by 27% in Arizona and Ohio, by 30% in Texas and by 42% in Virginia. The number of clinics that provide abortion similarly fell in those states.”…

“Fifty-eight percent of the decline in the number of abortions nationwide happened in the 18 states and D.C. that did not enact any new restrictions,” said Elizabeth Nash, senior state policy manager at Guttmacher. “There is no clear pattern linking these declines to new restrictions.

Although the rates of abortion dove in both liberal and conservative states, the LA Times insisted that conservative states are responsible for the drop in abortion by raising safety standards at abortion clinics and making them close.  If anything, the data shows that pro-abortion liberal states should raise the safety standards at their abortion clinics without concern to abortion activity as their abortion rates decreased even without enacting safety standards.  Pro abortion activist Dr. Herminia Palacio, said that the focus should not be on the rate. “Lowering the abortion rate is not the goal here.  The abortion rate is just a number.  Policy should focus on patients’ health and rights, regardless of how it might affect the abortion rate.”

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