Salt Lake City ANTIFA Violently Attacks, Threatens to Kill Citizen Journalist Tayler Hansen

Salt Lake City ANTIFA Violently Attacks, Threatens to Kill Citizen Journalist Tayler Hansen

June 8, 2020 – ANTIFA, the extremist left wing terror group, has become more militant and aggressive since the death of George Floyd. Using that incident as a wedge issue, they have aligned themselves with other fringe extremist movements, like Black Lives Matter. ANTIFA have participated in riots and looting across the country, and have been given protection by their ideological allies in the Media.

ANTIFA has a history of these attacks, but unlike right wing terror organizations, they have the protection of Hollywood, Academia, the SPLC, the Democrat party, the Media and even certain politicians and wealthy business men. What makes them extremely dangerous is the appearance that their violence is state sanctioned, at least by some governors. In Democrat run areas, ANTIFA thugs are being released from jail immediately, if they are even arrested at all. This has enabled and emboldened them.

Andy Ngo, investigative journalist, a victim of ANTIFA violence, said during a recent online news conference:

For more than a year antifa extremists have subjected my family and I to a campaign of intimidation and terror for my reporting and documentation of their violent extremism as a journalist.”

Now they have attacked and threatened a citizen journalist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Here is his story:

Tayler makes a very good point here. The media covers for ANTIFA, and they refuse to document the many violent and atrocious attacks perpetrated by ANTIFA, as it would expose their own lies.

This is how ANTIFA works. They do not care if you are an innocent bystander, or if you are simply a member of the press trying to document events. They will attack and threaten you anyway.

This is why they are advocating for the “defunding of police” and the “abolition” of Police. They want to be able to beat up and murder anyone who disagrees with their warped world view.

We are continually told by the media that ANTIFA are “the good guys” and that they are not the same as a domestic terrorist organization. They claim there is no “organization” or “hierarchy,” but this is highly misleading. There is obvious coordination on the national and international level.

Tayler has vowed to continue reporting on what is occurring in his hometown, despite being attacked and having his life threatened. We need more of this the type of fearless reporting.

Tayler is going to be uploading more footage soon from the Salt Lake City, Utah ANTIFA presence.

This story is still developing, please check back for updates. 

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1 year ago

This is what you get letting anti fascists run around when there are no fascists to fight. Just more race baiting and domestic terrorism.

10 months ago

Wanted to see the tweet of the antefacist pulling a gun on Tayler. It’s not there. Removed for political reasons?

10 months ago

Oh, and is there a way Tayler can be supported (by notes of encouragement AND financially)?