Sandmann Suit Against Washington Post Heard in Appeals Court

Sandmann Suit Against Washington Post Heard in Appeals Court

COVINGTON, Kentucky – On October 16, 2019 a formal oral argument was made before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky for the Appeal of the prior ruling.

July 26, 2019 Justice Bertelsman ordered the case against the Washington Post for defamation dismissed.

The Sandmann family filed an amended complaint and an appeal which is what was heard yesterday. This case is still developing and will be updated as the order comes out from Justice Bertelsman. The story on the amended complaint and response is also coming soon!

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John Smoot (Deplorable)
John Smoot (Deplorable)
2 years ago

Marna Stoove, get a lawyer to interpret what’s happened and to straighten-out the terms before you write a story. Sandmann’s original complaint was dismissed with “leave” (permission) to file an amended complaint, by Judge (not Justice) Bertelsman. The judge won’t do anything with the amended complaint unless the other side also moves to dismiss it.