Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Mnuchin Hold White House Press Briefing

Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Mnuchin Hold White House Press Briefing

WASHINGTON D.C.  Sept 10, 2019 – Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin began today’s press briefing announcing the President’s Executive Order on Modernizing Sanctions to Combat Terrorism.  The Executive Order (EO) is aimed at greatly enhancing our ability to identify, sanction and deter global terrorist entities. It will focus on targeting leaders of terrorist organizations, those who help train terrorist groups, and it allows the US to sanction secondary groups facilitation financial transactions.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then went on to discuss the EO as being the single most comprehensive reform since the September 11 attacks 18 years ago. It more effectively targets foreign financial institutions that knowingly assist terrorist organizations. The Treasury Department announced today the sanctioning of a dozen different entities involved in terrorist activity.

Addressing the press who seemed upset they were not given special advance knowledge of the President’s Bolton decision, Secretary Pompeo asserted that ‘the President is entitled to the team he chooses and trusts.

Asked to clarify the President’s position on the Bolton departure, Secretary Mnuchin made it clear that the President and Bolton did not have the same perspective on the Iraq war.

The press asked about the latest mainstream media reports about the alleged CIA Russian spy extraction story. Secretary Pompeo asserted that the story was ‘factually incorrect,’ and that he normally does not comment on these kinds of stories unless they are so ‘egregious’ they could cause harm.

To watch the full Press Briefing please see the video below:

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