Shady Legal Group Represents Whistleblower on Trump

Shady Legal Group Represents Whistleblower on Trump

The whistleblower of Trump’s communication with the Ukraine is represented by a group of lawyers who refer to their organization as “Whistleblower Aid” which was launched in 2017.  The group pledges to offer free legal representation plus financial support, which includes “rent and mortgage assistance, media coaching, and doctor’s bills and counseling.”  Citing the financial support element as controversial among the legal profession, lawyers say it “violates attorney ethics.

Whistleblower Aid was founded by Mark Zaid who is a veteran national security lawyer.  He is associated with attorney Andrew Bakaj.  Bakaj was himself a CIA lawyer and whistleblower.  The Ukraine whistleblower is a client of Whistleblower Aid, but under what arrangements is unclear.  Although this operation began eight months into President Trump’s election, Whistleblower Aid claims it is a non-partisan group.

There is another whistleblower legal group called “Expose Facts.”  They do not pay the rent or mortgages of clients because of potential ethical issues.  According to the Washington Examiner (see link above), the American Bar Association’s rules for avoiding conflicts of interest say that “lawyers may not subsidize lawsuits or administrative proceedings brought on behalf of their clients, including making or guaranteeing loans to their clients for living expenses, because to do so could encourage clients to pursue lawsuits that might not otherwise be brought and because such assistance give lawyers too great a financial stake in the litigation.”

The whistleblower claims that during a call on July 25 with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky,  Trump discussed former Vice President Joe Biden and offered military aid to Zelensky only if he would investigate financial dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter. The Transcript of that conversation does not line up with the whistleblower’s claim.

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