Snow Day!!!

Snow Day!!!

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While it began yesterday late afternoon, the east coast and the mid-Atlantic woke to well-over a foot of snow. And I see the drivers in Virginia didn’t learn very much from the storm of just a few weeks ago, again, even when they were forewarned it was coming…

The Carolinas are covered as well, and this storm looks like it will be merciless on the New England region.

Our driveway has at least 14+ inches, as do the side streets … and more is coming down, and I note some now coming from the north (most of this moisture has come up on us from the south), which means the Arctic cold is picking up more moisture off Lake Erie to add ‘lake effect snow’ to our NE Ohio mix. I like to check on Buffalo, New York during these storms because historically they get hammered with incredible snow accumulations. Anyhow, I contacted my daughter in Canton to see if she made it to work at the hospital in Akron okay this morning. She said her driveway was too deep to take her SUV, so, her husband is driving her to work in his bad-ass 4WD monster truck. We’re Ohio. We’re tough … as long as we don’t run out of ‘milk and bread’. Heh!

My 16-year old Grandson’s 9-month-old Leopard Hound mix puppy is loving his first snow here in NE Ohio. He got him as a running buddy. My daughter said he keeps requesting to go back out…

Be careful, everyone. It ain’t over.

Sun-Sentinel: Tornado destroys 31 mobile homes in Fort Myers; storms clearing in southeastern Florida


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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