Standoff In Portland: Patriots Face Antifa In Counter Protest

Standoff In Portland: Patriots Face Antifa In Counter Protest

Pro-Trump Patriots have been arrested by Portland and Multnomah County officials. Last week’s arrests were in connection with an alleged brawl between Far-Left members of ANTIFA and the Patriot group, at the so-called Cedar Riot. Officials say, however, no ANTIFA member was arrested in connection to the May 2019 altercation.

Joey Gibson, leader of the Patriot Prayer group, had an outstanding arrest warrant in connection to the May 1, 2019, melee. Gibson turned himself into authorities, and according to the Associated Press (AP), was released after posting bail, with further legal action pending.

City and County officials have unfairly categorized the pro-Trump supporters as being the antagonists in the Cedar Riot brawl, setting the tenor for Saturday, August 17, 2019, Portland protest march.

Yesterday’s face-off began early, as the Patriot’s Prayer group was assembling to begin the rally. Portland Police quickly approached the group en mass, with over 200 uniformed police.

One member of the Patriot group said “There are tons of cops, bro” as patriots started their march over the bridge into Portland’s Waterfront Park.

Police were quick to confront those protesting the Patriots arrival, diverting some protesters to another entrance to the park.

At one point during the march, police blockaded one side of the road under a bridges, telling Patriots to get back on the sidewalk and stay out of the street.

The Patriots’ first face-off of the day started with ANTIFA members yelling dispersions during the group’s prayer for a blessing. While the group was praying, an ANTIFA protester could be heard shouting, “What Jesus, stop the Jesus shit, y’all are Nazis“.

American flags flew and members of the Patriot group, continued to pray and sing, while hatred spewed from the black-masked ANTIFA group, “Just another day in Portland” one bystander posted on Twitter.

ANTIFA used bullhorns, loudspeakers and whistles in an attempt to silence the Patriots, while one ANTIFA man shouted, “Can a black man be free“? This as Patriots chanted, “No more violence“. It was at that point, one ANTIFA member shrieked, “You are Nazis and White Supremacists“.

Police on loudspeakers warned all marchers that they were subject to arrest and that the use of force had been authorized.

One of the Patriot groups, known as The Proud Boys, gathered at a separate location in Waterfront Park, after sharing a meal earlier in the day with other Patriot groups.

Other Patriots groups spread out across the area before marching across the bridge while chanting, “USA USA USA”, as they move to various locations.

Many Patriots sang the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ as other crowds of Patriots cheered and chanted, “They have gas, we have love“.

As Patriots groups began to gather before proceeding to the bridge to Waterfront Park, one of the Patriots was heard questioning if the gathering was walking into a trap. Officials had earlier closed the bridge and then, reopened it, so that the Patriots could cross.

With Patriots singing and Praising God, aircraft and helicopters watched from the sky, some of them police, while other aircraft belonged to local television news crews.

The Patriots starts chanting “USA” again and chants of “Four More Years, Four More Years”.

One patriot can be heard speaking to a reporter about why they are there; he speaks of freedom.

Another Patriot is heard speaking over a loudspeaker saying that Patriots will never give up fighting and his group will return to Portland next year and the year after.

Patriots can be seen hugging each other and thanking each other for gathering in Portland.

Meanwhile, Portland police block the Patriots Prayer group from their path to those gathering in the park.

An ANTIFA protester stands in front of the group yelling about President Trump; calling him a racist and screaming about “big money”. Patriots speak to communism and socialism.

God Bless one Patriot lady, giving a hug to one ANTIFA protester telling him, “we love you”.

It must be “4:20” in Portland; an individual just lit a special cigarette. It must be good; he is choking on it.

A young blonde female Patriot, without spite, debates an ANTIFA man about Democracy vs. our Constitutional Republic. When the ANTIFA guy starts yelling about white nationalists, he loses the debate.  Another Patriot tells her opponent, “You’re on the wrong side while giving him a hug“.

Patriot leader, Joey Gibson, speaks to a citizen reporter of their group’s message. A local female reporter interviews a Patriot asking him about being racist. The man is a black man. The same reporter accuses the man of being sexist. He responds, “Are you sexist?” The reporter changes to another question.

ANTIFA begins gathering near Waterfront Park and Portland police direct Patriots to a new location. One woman from a Colorado group, tells the Patriots that her group has been targeted by police.

Patriot leaders are telling others of the arrest of some ANTIFA protestors;

Again reports of aircraft and more helicopters overhead;

Many Prayer Patriots wearing shirts saying, “NOT TODAY ANTIFA“;

Many Patriots shouting, “Make America Great Again”;

ANTIFA reportedly crosses a bridge further away from the Patriots;

Citizens driving past, honk car horns of encouragement to Patriots!

Hat tip to Portland Andy who marches while live streaming on You Tube and reporting the ongoing situation, as more chants from Patriots ring out TRUMP 2020!! .

ANTIFA protesters start removing roadblocks from the streets, while still miles away;

A Portland Police Liaison officer meets the Patriots to better coordinate the route to Waterfront Park;

ANTIFA is seen waiting for the Patriots from the other side of the bridge;

Prayer Patriots passes the word, “Be Prepared” as the “USA” chants grow louder! Some Patriots adorning helmets, instructing others, “Keep tight, women and children to the center“, all the while Patriots chant, “USA, USA! and CNN Sux, CNN Sux“, as they pass along;

One Patriot, on a loudspeaker, can be heard thanking the Proud Boys for protecting her and other women and children of our nation;

Many reports of ANTIFA being arrested for blocking Highway;

QAnon is with you” is heard called out from the crowd heading back to Waterfront Park as ANTIFA is walking in the same direction;

The Prayer Patriots walk towards Waterfront Park as ANTIFA groups are said to be marching in the same direction;

Patriots acknowledge the street camera tracking them;

A driver stops with a warning to Patriots that ANTIFA is waiting for them a few streets ahead.

ANTIFA attacks a bus filled with Patriots, using hammers and other utensils, while trying to gain entry into the bus. Many times doors on the bus are breached.  ANTIFA engages with Patriots on the bus and sprays them with an unknown substance. Police, clad in riot gear, arrest and take the protesters away in a waiting van.

Bicycle Police officers escort and direct Patriots to a location in Waterfront Park. During the escort, some ANTIFA members are cursing at passing cars; during the same time Patriots respond, “God Bless You“.

There are a few ANTIFA members walking with Patriots, trying to stir up things by asking if they are “okay” being a racist. One ANTIFA protester asks Joey Gibson about a group member which caused problems at an earlier protest. Gibson is seen providing the ANTIFA protestor with a video of himself kicking the trouble-maker out of the group.

A motorcyclist is parked by the curb where police and Patriots are gathered. The motorcyclist revs his engine, trying to drown out the conversation. The policeman issues the cyclist a verbal warning. The cyclist refuses to cooperate, and in defiance, raises the throttling motorcycle to a louder level. Police pull the man from his motorcycle and holds him on the ground as another officer places handcuffs on the cyclist and place him under arrest.

Many police officers keep the Patriots from moving forward as ANTIFA protesters yell, “Go Home, Nazis“.

As a lady with the ANTIFA group is arrested, Patriots let her know they love her.

ANTIFA protesters attack a truck displaying the American Flag and are detained and arrested.

Police gather at the north end of Pioneer Square as ANTIFA protesters ramp up their rhetoric.

ANTIFA call Police “Nazis” as all groups now stage themselves on all sides of the street.

A line of police officers announces over a loudspeaker that the use of force is authorized and arrests will be made if there were any obstruction of the police enforcing the law.

ANTIFA yells out, “All cops are bastards” and “We don’t want you here, pigs“.

It is an absolutely insane experience.  How do these ANTIFA individuals even know their own names? If asked a valid question, you only get an argument or an insult.

At the end of the day, media sources report that 13 ANTIFA members are arrested and that there are no reports of major injuries.

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