Thursday Newsfeed: Actually, We Need Vaccinated Against All the Other ‘Viruses’ Infecting Our Country

Thursday Newsfeed: Actually, We Need Vaccinated Against All the Other ‘Viruses’ Infecting Our Country

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FNC: JURY INTIMIFDATION: Rittenhouse judge bars MSNBC from courtroom after person accused of trailing jury bus

Ace: Jump-Kick Man Admits His Guilt: Career Criminal and Yet Another Domestic Abuser – MAN CLAIMING TO BE MSNBC PRODUCER FOLLOWS JUROR HOME

Twitchy: ‘An extremely serious matter’: Judge Bruce Schroeder says purported NBC News producer followed Rittenhouse juror bus, bars MSNBC from courtroom

Meanwhile, as we await the jury’s verdict…

Dov Fischer: How the Media Messed Up on Rittenhouse From Day One — And Why That Messes Up America: They’re the real enemies of the people.

Miranda Devine: 10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked

Hello, mid-terms … And RINO asses need primaried…

QU Poll: More Prefer Republicans To Win Control Of The House And Senate, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 68% Say Higher Prices Are Changing Spending Habits

Paul Steinhauser: More Americans want GOP rather than Democrats to control House and Senate: poll -Biden sinks to his lowest level of approval in a new national survey from Quinnipiac University

Rick Moran: Almost Half of Voters Think Biden is Mentally Unfit to Be President

DM: Another Democrat decides to quit: Rep G. K. Butterfield is set to announce decision today two weeks after new congressional map was passed as Republicans eye up string of possible seats … I believe the number is now at 15.

Leif Le Mahieu: ‘Pelosi Did Not Have The Democratic Votes’: Sinema Credits House Republicans With Passage of Infrastructure Bill

A voice like Mr. Haney. A mind like Thomas Sowell. Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana is a national treasure…

FNC: WALK IT BACK: Biden’s nominee Comptroller of the Currency, communist Saule Omarova, claims she ‘misspoke’ about bankrupting oil companies

Houston Keene: Police report reveals striking details about Biden nom Saule Omarova’s ‘retail theft’ arrest: Omarova admitted to stealing $214 worth of items from T.J. Maxx in the police report

Meanwhile, Biden’s fascistic AG called out for his lie(s)…

Take this jab and shove it…

Matt Leach: Florida Gov. DeSantis trolls President Biden, will sign bills limiting vaccine mandates in Brandon, FL: DeSantis to sign legislation expanding exemptions to vaccination mandates

Breck Dumas: OSHA suspends implementation of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate until further court order: The mandate could be tied up in court beyond the Jan. 4 deadline OSHA set for employers

13 News Now: Newport News Shipbuilding parent company announces suspension of vaccine deadline: Huntington Ingalls Industries, the owner of Newport News Shipbuilding, shared the news and said a mandate is not a contractual requirement.

Michael Brendan Dougherty: Ignoring Them Is the Only Way Out: When does COVID abnormalcy end? When we end it.

Julia Musto: Fauci: COVID-19 hospitalizations rising among vaccinated: Coronavirus cases are up in states around the country


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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