Thursday Newsfeed: WARNING: Spoiler Alerts Ahead…

Thursday Newsfeed: WARNING: Spoiler Alerts Ahead…

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Yesterday afternoon I heard my local talk radio guy warn how our household electric and natural gas bills will soon be doubling, and possibly close to tripling. It’s no longer arguable as incompetence by this administration. It is intentional and all by design. The nudge is over. This is the full-on shoving and kicking of Americans into submission by this Marxist GND cult in the White House to force us to pay more and use/buy far less until we’re living a third world existence at the mercy of substandard public assistance and housing, and fully government regulated lives.

Political Criminal Intent:

Victor Davis Hanson: Is Biden’s ‘Success’ Our Mess? What Americans see as an abject catastrophe, the Biden Administration cheers on as stunning and planned progress.

If an administration deliberately wished to cause havoc on the border, to ensure fuel was nearly unaffordable, to create a crime wave, to spark 1970s hyperinflation, and to rekindle racial tensions, what would it have done differently than what Joe Biden has done?

So is Biden malicious, incompetent, or a wannabe left-wing ideologue?

When pressed about inflation and fuel price hikes, Biden either blames someone or something else, gets mad at the questioner, or claims Donald Trump did it.

His administration apparently believes things are going well and according to plan.

When polls disagree, his team either believes the American people are brainwashed or that they themselves have not supplied sufficient propaganda. So they never pivot or compromise, but rededicate themselves to continued failure…

Preach it, VDH! ATTENTION: You/We are not living in a fever dream. This shit is real and it is happening with full throttle up speed.

Offered by Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

Take that to the bank.

Uh-oh! Y’all went to sleep again last night, huh? Gas went two cents more over night.

Paying Out the Ass:

Daniella Genovese: Gas prices will surpass $6 nationwide by August, JPMorgan says: Average price for a gallon of regular gasoline already surpassed $6 in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Tyler O’Neil: Gas prices reach new record high as GOP senators blame Biden for holding production back: Gas prices have reached record highs each day this week, according to AAA, as Republicans blame Biden for a ‘de facto ban on new drilling’

DM: Gas stations in Washington reprogram pumps to prepare for $10-a-gallon fuel as Bidenflation sends average price soaring to $4.57 – almost twice the $2.41 during Trump’s final month

  • A national gas station chain is reprogramming its pumps in Washington state to accommodate the possibility of $10-a-gallon gasoline
  • The average price of gasoline across the country reached $4.57 on Wednesday – almost twice the $2.41 average during Trump’s last month in office
  •  Other stations in the state have begun running out of gas, with a local Facebook group identifying 10 stations that have run out of fuel
  •  Meanwhile some states – such as California – are reporting spiraling prices of up to $5.98 this week

And Dissenters Will Be Punished:

Joe Hoft: ‘Bullsh*t Baffles the Brains” – Tesla Removed from S&P 500 ESG Index – Elon Musk Responds

VIDEO: Elon Musk vows to vote Republican, calls Democrats party of ‘division, hate’

Christopher Horner: Banks Line Up to Join ‘ESG’ Mob

Teachers! Leave Those Kids Alone:

Jessica Chasmar: At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone: 102 of the cases, or 76%, involved alleged sex crimes against students

At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students…

An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital looked at local news stories week by week featuring arrests of teachers and teachers’ aides on child sex-related crimes in school districts across the country. Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher.

The analysis found that at least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested in 41 states between January 1 and May 13, which works out to about an arrest a day on average…

It is much higher. The teachers union protects many of the offenders by having the school(s) keep students’ and parents’ allegations silent, as Jessica states, not only out of the news but often talk them out of filing charges with local police. And the schools themselves often settle with parents out of court, and the offending teacher just moved out of the school … to another school system. Yes, this is the formula for dealing with this major issue. For all the attention and outrage that was given to predator Catholic priests and how the Vatican handled the issue in order to avoid scandal, school teacher offenders greatly outnumbered the priests during that time and now. But nobody, especially the MSM, wants to address that. And now here we are with teachers injecting racist CRT defamation and LGBTQ+ grooming into the classrooms at every level from K-12, and into every SJW watered down subject. This is a self-infected growing epidemic. The fact that parents who have discovered the truth and are demanding accountability and a complete return to real academic classrooms are being demonized and tagged as “domestic terrorists” should tell you how far and deep this indoctrination agenda goes.

Germ War Games:

OUT: COVID’s going to kill us all…

IN: Monkey Pox…

Amy McGorry: UK confirms more cases of monkeypox: UK health officials say seven total confirmed monkeypox cases this month

Paul Best: Massachusetts confirms first case of monkeypox in the United States this year: Maryland and Texas both reported one case of monkeypox last year

Ed Browne @ Newsweek: U.S. Buys Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines As Massachusetts Man Infected

Outbreak Newsday (3/22/21): Canada orders more IMVAMUNE smallpox vaccine

eugyppius @ Substack: We Must Find a Way to Prevent Bill Gates from Preventing the Next Pandemic

Hey, just in time for the next US election. Coincidence? So then, what’s the cure for monkeypox? Is it the same as for covid? You know, communism.


Natalie Winters: EXCLUSIVE – U.S. Bioethics Chief, Who Happens to be Fauci’s Wife, Published a New Paper Telling Corporates They Can Ethically ‘Pressure Employees’ And ‘Embarrass Vaccine Resistors.’: THE PAPER COMES HOT ON THE HEELS OF A NUMBER OF WHITE HOUSE LOSSES REGARDING FEDERAL WORKER VACCINATION AND MASK MANDATES.


Julie Kelly: No Data Supports Threat of ‘White Supremacists’: Joe Biden will use the blood of innocents to paint millions of Americans as “white supremacists” and wannabe terrorists simply for supporting the opposite political party.

Mike LaChance: Anti-Abortion Witness at Hearing Leaves Democrat Lawmaker a Stuttering Mess (VIDEO)

Shelby Gallagher: FDA Suddenly Cares About Babies, Strikes Deal With Formula Maker

Well, not for, like, BABIES, they’re totally expendable … right, Jen?

Twitchy: Jen Psaki’s old statement on the Defense Production Act and baby formula shows the White House didn’t understand how the Defense Production Act could be used

Twitchy: Woman explains why ‘abortion is an act of love’ compared to adoption by white evangelicals

Joseph Simonson: Read the DHS Memo on Left-Wing Threats Against Judges and Priests

Mary Margaret Olohan: Pro-Life Bill Would Ban Abortionists From Flushing Aborted Baby Bodies Down Toilets, Sinks, Disposals

Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks introduced legislation Wednesday banning the disposal of fetal remains in public waterways.

“Tossing unborn remains in to our water systems is barbaric, and if the American public knew about it they would be disgusted and horrified,” Banks said in a statement.

“This brutal reality is made possible by even more brutal abortion laws,” he added. “If Congressional Democrats get their way and legalize abortion till the moment of birth, nationwide, this far too common practice would become even more widespread.”

The Dignity for Fetal Remains Act of 2022 would ban abortion providers from placing fetal remains, embryos, or medical waste associated with abortions (like surgical equipment) into any kind of device that connects to a public waterway (such as a toilet, sink, or disposal)…

Have you ever seen what parents in China do with their unwanted (female) infants under the CCP’s one-child-rule

Breitbart: PHOTOS: Mexico’s Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula amid U.S. Shortage: As the Biden Administration is slow to respond to a severe shortage of baby formula in the United States, stores throughout Mexico are fully stocked especially with the high-demand Enfamil brand. … I mean, it’s not as if Mexico owes the US any reciprocity for their lack of doing their responsibility to halt the illegal alien human and drug trafficking flooding across our border from their country.

Twitchy: NBC News just dropped a bomb on Joe Biden over Hunter Biden’s past business deals with China

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: That’s a Bad Word, Replacement. Better Watch Out We Don’t Replace You!

Paul Joseph Watson: Biden Urges Americans to Reject Same “Replacement Theory” He Once Advanced – “It’s OK when we do it!”

Scott McKay: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah: “Twisted truth and half the news” could be the Biden administration’s motto.

John Daniel Davidson: If Anyone Believes In ‘Replacement Theory,’ It’s Democrats Who Think Voters Are Stupid: Democrats have been bragging that ‘demographics is destiny’ for years. But a more diverse electorate isn’t voting the way they’d hoped.

Get #WOKE go broke…

Paul Joseph Watson: Netflix to Fire Another 150 Employees as Subscriber Base Continues to Decline. Wokeflix is going the way of CNN+.

Adam Smith: Google files for bankruptcy in Russia

Natalie Winters: STUDY: Testosterone Treatment Turns Democrat Voters More Conservative. SOMEONE TELL BRIAN STELTER. … No really, this is not a ‘Babylon Bee’ type satire. Natalie is reporting on an actual study and report.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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