Tuesday Newsfeed: No Border. No Gas. No Guns. No Food. No Formula. No Education.

Tuesday Newsfeed: No Border. No Gas. No Guns. No Food. No Formula. No Education.

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The more Biden yacks the more the truth about what he and his equally willfully idiotic and egotistical minions have planned for us.

Two Systems of Justice, One for Dems/Clinton and One for Everyone Else:

Pretty damn sure Gen. Michael Flynn would have a Hell of a lot to say to that juror.

FNC: Former Clinton campaign lawyer found not guilty of lying to FBI: Jim Jordan on Sussmann trial: What we learned about Hillary Clinton was ‘huge’

Ace: Surprise: DC Jury Acquits Michael Sussman: Jury Was Stacked with Literal Hillary Clinton Donors, One AOC Donor, and a Woman Who Was on the Same Crew Team as Michael Sussman’s Daughter

Jim Hoft: Special Counsel John Durham Releases Statement After DC Jury Acquits Hillary Clinton Attorney Sussmann for Lying to the FBI

Cristina Laila: Trump Releases Statement After Jury Stacked with DNC Activists Finds Hillary Clinton Lawyer Sussmann Not Guilty

Victoria Taft: The FBI Was Also on Trial in Sussmann Russia Collusion Case


Cristina Laila: Supreme Court Clerks Asked For Phone Records in Search for Roe v Wade Draft Opinion Leaker

Ace: Nearly a Month After the Supreme Court Leak, Investigators Are Finally Asking for Clerks’ Phone Records, and to Sign Affidavits

The signing of the affidavits is important because while the leak itself might not have been a crime, lying to a federal officer in an investigation is a crime.

Or, as we’ve just found out: May be a crime if you’re a Republican. It’s not a crime at all if you’re a Democrat who’s lying to advance the left wing’s political agenda…

No Border:

Adam Shaw, Kelly Laco: CRISIS UP CLOSE – GOP senator forced to get hands-on during dramatic trip to border: Sen. Roger Marshall aids migrant suffering from heat exhaustion during dramatic border trip. Marshall blamed the crisis on President Biden and called on him to visit the border.

Michael Robison: Biden Accused of Planning a Photo-Op with Hero Border Patrol Agents — Then Insulted Them and Took Back the Invitations

Adam Shaw: ICE did not ensure migrants were tested for COVID-19 before boarding domestic flights: DHS OIG

Cassandra Fairbanks: MS-13 Gangster Who Was Twice Deported, Came Back, and Kidnapped a Teenager Has Been Sentenced to 90 Months in Prison

No Guns:

Bradford Betz: ‘HIGH-CALIBER’ TARGET – Biden says there’s ‘no rational basis’ for owning popular type of handgun, appears to suggest ban. Biden calls 9mm ‘high-caliber weapons,’ suggests banning them

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Babbling Biden Blurts Out Dems’ Gun-Grabbing Endgame

Lindsay Kornick: Biden slammed for claiming there’s ‘no rational basis’ for 9mm bullets: ‘We’re banning handguns now?’ Biden also repeated his claim that the Second Amendment is not ‘absolute’ on Memorial Day

Twitchy: Whoopi Goldberg says ‘you can have your other yee-haw guns,’ but as far as the AR-15 is concerned, ‘you can’t have it anymore’ … F the F off.

No Food … No Formula:

Landon Mion: US wheat crop hurt by dry winter and spring’s heavy rain: The U.N. said that Russia-Ukraine war’s impact on grains, oils, fuel and fertilizer could force millions of people into famine

Alicia Powe: One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation

Joe Hoft: Mile-Long Line of Cars to Pick Up Baby Formula in Michigan as Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Continues: The Biden baby formula crisis worsened over the past month (Video)

Jim Hoft: US Parents Travel to Tijuana, Mexico to Purchase Baby Formula as Biden Baby Formula Crisis Worsens – Out-of-Stock Rate Hits 70% (VIDEO)

No Education:

Twitchy: ‘They say it’s innocent. They LIE’: Libs of TikTok shares ‘MEGA DRAG THREAD’ dropping each and EVERY ‘groomer apologist’

Hannah Grossman: ‘TEACH THEM AT HOME’ – Actor blasts America’s public schools for pushing progressive agendas: Kirk Cameron says Public schools grooming kids with critical race theory, ‘sexual chaos,’ and ‘racial confusion’. Topics such as critical race theory were destroying children’s education

Twitchy: Chicago-area high school reportedly opting for ‘more equitable grading practices’ in order to ‘reflect our core beliefs’


Matt Margolis: Biden Wants You to Know the Economy Is Super and if You Don’t Agree You’re a Moron

Hanna Panreck: Biden frustrated with aides for walking back his statements, worries he looks weak: Biden is reportedly annoyed with his staff’s walk-backs of his remarks

Ben Kesslen: Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, 82, arrested for DUI … No worries. I’m sure the charges will be dropped.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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