Tuesday Newsfeed: Slamming Doors

Tuesday Newsfeed: Slamming Doors

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The Great COVID Caper:

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s handle on coronavirus ‘greatest public policy failure of all time’: ‘No one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure’

Stephen Green: MANDATE CAVE: White House Suspends Vaccine Mandate for Fed Employees

Cristina Laila: Sweden: Get Your Covid Vaccine Passport in a Chip in Your Hand (VIDEO)

The Daily Zuby:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo busted again:

Megan Fox: Chris Cuomo Texts Show He Was Running Strategy for Big Brother’s Sex Scandal

VIDEO: Joe Concha: Chris Cuomo shouldn’t ‘sniff a microphone’ until CNN’s investigation is complete

Twitchy: WOW: Even Rolling Stone magazine is sick of Chris Cuomo’s sh*t

Twitchy: ‘Final word’? Brian Stelter reminds us why his CNN colleague Chris Cuomo has already explained himself enough

Bad Actors:

The then would-be DNC 2020 primary presidential candidates had no qualms about jumping to conclusions on the heels of the Jussie Smollett “MAGA country” and ‘noose’ hoax in Chicago nearly two years ago…

The trial in Chicago of the bad actor began yesterday in Chicago with jury selection…

Jessica Napoli: Jussie Smollett trial: Legal expert says guilty verdict is highly probable because of ‘strong evidence’: The ‘Empire’ actor is accused of lying to police about experiencing a hate crime … Smollett still insists the “racist attack” by Trump supporters/MAGA was real, even though the two friends he hired to play the MAGA parts were caught on video buying the supplies they needed to carry-off the hoax AND admitted that the actor had hired them and scripted the incident. Do you think either Biden or Harris will be retracting their above public statements on social media … or even asked by the news media reporters about it??

Twitchy: We hope you enjoy this delicious compilation of ‘all the gullible libs who fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax’ as much as we did

Jussie is a highly-professional “actor”, doncha know…

Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Begins

Marta Dhanis: Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s ‘partner in crime,’ per prosecutors, and a ‘scapegoat,’ according to defense: Trial of British socialite kicked off this Monday with opening statements

AP @ FNC: Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘No. 2’ in hierarchy of Epstein’s operations, pilot testifies: Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr. is the first witness in the sex trafficking trial of Maxwell

Jim Hoft: As Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Opens – FAA Accidentally Reveals Over 700 Previous Unknown Jeffrey Epstein Flights

Joe Hoft: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins with a Obama Judge and Jim Comey’s Daughter Prosecuting – Will Ties to FBI and US Government Be Revealed?

When #WOKE is Broke and Really Wakes-the-Hell-Up:

Twitchy: ALMOST red-pilled Liberal Michelle Tandler’s thread showing the DISASTER progressive policies have made of San Francisco a MUST-read

Jim Hoft: President Trump Calls on Democrats to Deal with Smash-and-Grab Robberies or Call in the National Guard

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss … But Worse:

Kay Smythe: Twitter’s New CEO Parag Agrawal Has Disturbing Anti-American, Anti-White Tweet History. … The usual apologists came out claiming he was tweeting something he had heard on a TV comedy/talk show, and that “it was a joke”, and that “the right” was completely taking it out of context. Even Twitter itself is running CYA interference for the bloke.Even Twitter itself was dismissing the old tweet(s) of the CEO as a non-serious joke. Meanwhile…

Brian Flood: New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal once said company is ‘not to be bound by the First Amendment’: ‘Our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation,’ Agrawal said in 2020

Vivek Ramaswamy: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey steps down — four reflections on his decision from a tech entrepreneur: Dorsey didn’t really run Twitter by the end of it. The woke mob did

Congrats and Welcome to Our Newest American Citizen:

Nikolas Lanum: NBA player Enes Kanter on his legal name change to include ‘Freedom’ after becoming American citizen: ‘It was probably the greatest moment of my life,’ said the Boston Celtics player

VIDEO: Enes Kanter on his legal name change to include ‘Freedom’ after becoming American citizen: The NBA player discusses his name change as well as his criticism of China and LeBron James.

VIDEO: Enes Kanter Freedom changes name to celebrate first day as an American citizen


VIDEO: Newt Gingrich: Mainstream media will do all it can to not communicate how bad crime is

Joe Hoft: INSANE: World Economic Forum’s Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, and Syrian CEO’s

(Fmr) Rep. Bob Barr: Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Contains Backdoor ‘Kill Switch’ For Cars … Recall, Obama installed a ‘kill switch’ for the internet (just like places of total freedom and liberty like China and Cuba have). And, unless I’m mistaken, there is also a government ‘kill switch’ for broadcast radio/TV.

Gwendolyn Sims: Our Country Is Going ‘Down the Drain’: Former Disney Animator Takes on the Left

Twitchy: ‘This is the ‘journalism’ of a witch hunt’: Drew Holden carefully dismantles David Frum’s piece claiming to prove that ‘Trump-Russia was not a hoax’

Mike LaChance: Joe Rogan Calls Out The Media Over The Russia Collusion Hoax: ‘No One Is Being Held Accountable’ (VIDEO)

(SATIRE) Titania McGrath (January 2020): Orwell: my self-help guru: Slavery should be reinstated so that it can be abolished by a queer woman of colour


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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