"Two If By Sea" - An Anniversary of Great Note

“Two If By Sea” – An Anniversary of Great Note

To mark the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere on April 18, 1775, Q has posted this photo from the tower of the Old North Church in Boston.
An anon notes that in the picture “Candles NOT LIT YET. IT HAPPENS TONIGHT.” Another links to a relative tweet dropped on April 9. It’s a compact eight-minute exploration of this important history. Thanks,@Roxi_USA

The specifics may be vastly different. The British imposed the infamous Stamp Act, the Sailor Impressment, the Quartering Act, and other odious strictures on personal freedoms. Over time, modern Americans have been suffering under the Federal imposition of rules and regulations, usurpation of personal decisions and freedoms, and recently the lockdown of American life due to the Coronavirus outbreak possibly threatening millions of lives. But the basic premises of the principles involved are precisely the same.

Likewise, the objections expressed by the Colonials, by then Revolutionaries, are virtually the same as those being painted on placards and memed widely across social media. In the words of your favorite five-year-olds: “Yer not the boss of me!” Whoever wrote that “Everything Worth Knowing, I Learned in Kindergarten” may have been onto something. When, why and how did we lose that exquisite sense of ourselves as Individuals with our own minds?

Today is a good day to regain it. If you’re living, breathing, and thinking, you can rationally approach the next moves getting past the dangers of this virus right there in your home, your town, your county and your state. Most of us have pretty good administrators at the helm. If you haven’t, well then you have your work cut out for you between now and November. But we will manage this as we always have. Patriots will take matters into their own hands.

So, celebrate this memorable date when the people stood up, pushed back and declared themselves to be Free Americans. Learn from our Founders how critical is our obligation to be informed and active participants in our Republic.

Thomas Jefferson in a November 13, 1787 letter to William S. Smith, sums up that very premise clearly, and though many are acquainted with parts of it, we would be well served to appreciate its broader context.

Thank God our Founders left us with the blueprint: The United States Constitution.

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