Status Update: Peter Strzok vs DOJ

Status Update: Peter Strzok vs DOJ

WASHINGTON D.C.- On August 6, 2019, fired former Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, Peter Strzok filed a civil lawsuit against Attorney General William F. Barr and the FBI to overturn his termination on August 9, 2018.

Since the filing, the case is beginning to move through the court system.

Assigned to Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the case is due to be heard by jury trial on August 7, 2019.

Along with the civil suit filing, four summonses were issued on the same day to William F. Barr, FBI, U.S. DOJ and Christopher A. Wray, current FBI Director.

August 8, 2019: Strzok filed a minute Order, which was granted, to deviate from the local civil rule. The purpose of this filing was to omit his home address from the complaint.

August 9, 2019: That minute order was amended to not provide his home address to the clerk but instead file a notice under seal by August 12, 2019. There was a sealed document re order that was filed and sealed this day.

All four summonses were returned as executed on August 13, 2019.

As of this date, there is no date set for any hearings or trial.

To review the basis of Peter Strzok’s complaint, please read here.

Stay tuned as this case will be updating.


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