We are Approaching “The Road”

We are Approaching “The Road”

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This is going to be a bit of a downer post but it is the reality we are in now and more and more people need to wake up and recognize it before it’s too late.

Have you ever seen the apocalyptic movie “The Road”? It’s based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. It’s one of those movies I’ve only been able to watch once (by choice). It’s terrifying in a very unsettlingly quiet way. Far too much quiet to near silence. By some cataclysmic event Earth was thrust into a primitive existence ironically framed by the corpses of technology and modernity. Even vegetation and animals are drying up and dwindling away. And civilization and humanity are non-existent. Just barren souls wandering moment to moment looking for fleeting momentary sustenance or even safety and security. The meek have not inherited the burned-out Earth. They are the weak, sickly, emaciated random stags for the strong cannibalistic road gangs looking to not only rob victims of the bits of scavenged items from their ragged totes but to kill you and drag you back to their squatters’ enclave to eat you. They are the evil you’ve been warned would roam the last days of Earth. A lone father guarding over his young son with a shopping cart of filthy whatnots and a gun with one bullet that is less for defense and more for a quick and merciful future death for his beloved child. That, we can assume, is the only hope this father has left, to have that final moment of love to grant his son. It is far worse— starker and more hopeless than “The Walking Dead” in depiction of the end of everything.

Our cataclysmic event that may well have started us on the road could be the China plague. The sickness and even the deaths were not the worst results of the lab-created bio-weapon. No, the collective mission of our government(s), their created narrative-based “scientists”, the willing propaganda MSM, and the unhinged reactionists in the public falling effortlessly into the full “pandemic” control and manipulation of these globalist elitist players. They dragged down economies here and around the world. They deliberately handicapped the education of our youngest generation in order to inject #WOKISM, racist brainwashing, and now perverted anti-biological gender and sexuality indoctrination once the kids went back into the classrooms where parents could no longer look over their shoulder at the computer ZOOM feed.

John Hayward posted a thread on Twitter of his summation of where we are going, given the hints and clues— signs being presented in the news from our country and around the world. You only need to find the videos of the discussions at the recent WEF summit to hear what and how these ‘elites’ John speaks of think of us and where they intend to take us … if we allow them. However, John has more of a “Hungar Games” image in his head of where they intend to take us. But I don’t think their blueprint plan to a fascist leftist utopia will hold up. It will fall quickly into “The Road” and humanity will never recuperate and rebuild, or survive.


As we watched yesterday, Sri Lanka’s people rose up against its government due to its extremely oppressive “green” policies that have the small island nation drastically cutting back on farming and food production and fuel/energy production and use, resulting in horribly high inflation. Work, schools, and tourism, the small island country’s biggest moneymaker, fell-off.

This sort of “Greta” insanity by governments around the world as the evil dark Sith Lords power that be at the WEF behind everything these days is designed to collectivize the world under one 21st century communism. It always has been the goal, not the climate or the environment. It has always been intended to do away with sovereign countries deciding their own economies and population lifestyles. As John Hayward lays out in his Twitter thread above they envision a complete new world order of one very narrow class of elites living life as they feel comfortable and we’ll-fed while ruling the rest of us with a steel-fist in a serf collective far under them.

Right now everything we are seeing … all the senseless idiotic decisions from farming to energy production to depleted supply chains to violating the mentality and psychological sexuality of children in schools … is undeniably intentional. In this stage of the fundamental transformation’ is the current elite classes in government, entertainment and media preaching and scolding … and ‘cancelling’ … the rest of us for our outrage over inflation, stagflation, shrink-flation, recession, a coming depression and in our country an unconcerned government that can barely contain itself from giddily letting-the-cat-out-of-the-bag that this is all part of a master plan progressing exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s not an “incompetence” according to how the term is being misused against the Biden administration. No, that’s a dangerous state of denial completely dismissing what they’re really doing here to us and the country.

Our government and the big corporations had better be watching what’s happening in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands because it will be here in the USA soon … most especially if the November midterms are debauched and stolen.

Kevin Downey, Jr: Dear Democrats, THIS Is What Your Oppressive Global Initiatives Lead To

Orwell didn’t actually quite take you through the processes by which society and government arrived at when you open the first page of “1984”. He throws back to some of it in “has/have always been at war” passages and sentences that warped the independent individual thought processes of the masses in order to group them into one droning machine. But Orwell did not illustrate that day-by-day slog, the beatdown and depression of society and the complete destruction of everything built and established in order to “build back” better … better for the totalitarian fascist government but not for the people who must conform or face torture and intense mind-bending, or disappearance (cancellation). Or death.

I repeat (again), find the original draft of AOC’s “Green New Deal” and take the time to read it. It’s happening right now, folks. And you have to recognize and understand what is going on with the school lockdowns under the guise of COVID, from the diluting of actual academic studies, and the in-classroom promotion of very divisive hate-fueled racial theories and perverted trans/gender/sexual indoctrination. The younger generations must be grabbed and dumbed-down while it is still easily done so that they will lack individual ambition, intuitive and innovation resistance to the new liberal world order and its authority.

Even further, the COVID lockdowns have severely altered the American work ethic and responsibility…

Andy Puzder: The Decline Of The American Work Ethic Will Exacerbate The Oncoming Recession: Americans have clearly gotten used to not working and have chosen to live off the pandemic welfare that remains rather than return to the workforce.

As I said above, John Hayward is sorta-kinda expecting a “Hungar Games” divided society. I believe the globalists’ plans are written on tissue paper and we will not even reach that warped divided and segregated population Utopia but will end up in the dirt of savagery akin to primal man on “The Road“.

Read Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” where not only is society under extremely strict and enforced regulation but the main character uses ‘pronouns’ and once he removes himself from the collective hive-think discovers the scary but exciting nature of individual intellect and free thought. So much so, that he re-invents a forbidden device that illuminates reality more for him. A lot of familiar parallel feelings as you read that story. We used to think our post-apocalyptic fiction writers were just scary, maybe even ridiculous. However, we are finding out just how insightful and prescient they were. We should revisit them and heed their warnings … before we wake up and find ourselves in the middle of “Soylent Green“.

Climate Depot: UN journal touts ‘The Benefits of World Hunger’ – ‘Hunger has great positive value…Hungry people are the most productive people’ – UN deletes essay after outcry

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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