An Amazing Discovery in the Antarctic

An Amazing Discovery in the Antarctic

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The over one hundred years submerged in an icy watery grave preserved the vessel in pristine condition…

Julia Musto: Endurance shipwreck found in Antarctic’s Weddell Sea: The ship was crushed by ice and sank in 1915

Scientists report that they have found the sunken wreck of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship “Endurance.”

The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust said in a release that the ship was found more than 3,000 meters below the surface of the Weddell Sea.

Now, more than a century after the ship was crushed by ice and sank in 1915, the vessel lies about 4 miles south of the location recorded by its captain Frank Worsley.

An expedition under Master, Capt. Knowledge Bengu aboard the South African polar research and logistics vessel S.A. Agulhas II – owned by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment – set off from Cape Town last month…

According to the Trust, the wreck is protected as a historic site and monument under the Antarctic Treaty…

The expedition to find the ship comes 100 years after Shackleton’s death in 1922.

Shackleton’s 1914-16 attempt to become the first person to cross Antarctica via the South Pole failed.

However, his successful bid to reach help at a remote South Atlantic whaling station and rescue his men is considered a heroic feat of endurance. All the men survived and were rescued many months later…

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