Archbishop Vigano Writes Open Letter to Donald Trump, Warns of

Archbishop Vigano Writes Open Letter to Donald Trump, Warns of “Great Reset”

October 30, 2020 – ArchbishoCarlo Maria Vigano recently published an open letter to President Donald Trump, warning of the “great reset” that the globalists and dark forces are trying to impose on the people of the world. This comes after his first appearance on camera since 2018 last weekend as he delivered a lecture for the Catholic Identity Conference 2020, addressing Pope Francis and the New World Order. I have included that video as well, as it is extremely important.

Here is the letter:

Archbishop Vigano is taking an immense risk by stating these truths and publicly opposing what Pope Francis is doing. We must keep the Archbishop in our daily prayers.

Here is his first public address since 2018, to the Catholic Identity Conference 2020, October 23-25:

Please heed his warnings, and share this video and letter with your friends and family.

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Teresa Collins
Teresa Collins
7 months ago

Aechbishop Vigano’s letter to President Trump is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. I love the paragraph that ends with Rom 8:31. The whole paragraph!

Kimberly Flink
Kimberly Flink
5 months ago

Dear Archbishop Vigano Thank you for the Courage with God Standing besides you to bring forth to Light the corruption that has entered the Houses of God, that has created a great division between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil.. Through the deceptions of the Deep state they have crept into the homes of the innocent through many deceptions. We… Read more »