Biden Jets Off to Glasgow Climate Summit

Biden Jets Off to Glasgow Climate Summit

By THOMAS GALLATIN November 1, 2021

He flew to the annual meeting of climate alarmists to be among elitist friends, while Americans struggle with his disastrous polices.

Joe Biden and a third of his cabinet jetted off to Glasgow, Scotland, over the weekend to attend the latest annual gathering of elite opportunists aiming to push global socialism via climate change alarmism at this year’s COP26 summit. As usual, the message this year was like every year prior: If we don’t act now to drastically cut global carbon emissions, then we’re all doomed.

Of course, these elites continue to undermine the very message they so loudly preach, as they expend massive amounts of fossil fuel to fly to a confab in an era when the entire meeting easily could have taken place virtually. If children are forced to do school online to avoid COVID, why not these climate clowns?

Even more glaring is the fact that the world’s number one producer of carbon emissions, China, skipped the event this year. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since these global elites have already given China a pass. They’re fine with the fact that President Xi Jinping has made it clear that China won’t even begin to act on limiting its carbon emissions until at least 2030. Wink, wink.

Meanwhile, Biden, who had high hopes of coming to Glasgow touting the passage of his Green New Deal agenda, instead limped across the Pond. So far, he has not been able to unify his own Party behind his spending agenda that includes his economy-killing “net zero” carbon emissions pipe dream.

Furthermore, despite (or perhaps because of) the increasingly shrill and hysterical warnings of the climate alarmists, Americans aren’t buying in. Climate is persistently among the least-cared-about political issues for most Americans, and we’d rather not spend any money at all chasing “solutions.” Nevertheless, Biden and his fellow Democrats are eager to force the country to pay a hefty amount to supposedly mitigate any change in climate, and not just in causing energy prices to skyrocket but in higher taxes, crippling regulations, and rising inflation.

The real goal of this annual summit is not ultimately about stopping what cannot be stopped, namely climate change. Nor is it truly about finding realistic and scientific solutions to limiting carbon emissions, such as promoting the expanded use of nuclear energy. Instead, it’s about expanding and consolidating greater power into the hands of the world’s elites. It’s been called “The Great Reset” for a reason. And things like individual Liberty, the free market, the open exchange of ideas, and freedom to travel keep getting in the way.

Finally, one other motivation for Biden was simply a change of venue. It helped him to get out of the U.S. for a respite from both his sinking poll numbers and just before a Virginia election that may very easily go against the Democrats and serve as yet another humiliating black mark on his failing presidency.


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