BREAKING: Today, the Island Country of Sri Lanka Tipped Over and Capsized Under the Weight of Its Government’s Capitulation to “Climate Change” Insanity…

BREAKING: Today, the Island Country of Sri Lanka Tipped Over and Capsized Under the Weight of Its Government’s Capitulation to “Climate Change” Insanity…

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Nods to Rep. Hank Johnson (D) in the post title.

And so it begins.

Will we look back on this event in a tiny third world country, along with the farmers’ protests in the Netherlands, as the crumbling of the fascistic globalist climate change Liberal World Order insanity being thrust on us all?

Bronchie: WATCH: Protesters Storm Presidential Palace in Sri Lanka After Climate Hysteria Destroys the Nation

Sri Lanka is in the middle of a full-scale collapse after the president announced the nation is “bankrupt,” having run out of both money and energy. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets, and things have devolved into a dystopian nightmare.

In the last several hours, the presidential palace was taken over by a sea of people, angry at the government for putting them in such a precarious position. And as I’ll explain, Sri Lanka’s woes were not only avoidable but were purposely brought on to please climate change fanatics in faraway lands.

Sri Lanka’s government has been implementing ESG policies (environment, social, and governance) for years, following the lead of the World Economic Forum. That includes banning agrochemicals such as fertilizers in an effort to lower nitrogen emissions. Flowery tales of “organic” farming and saving the planet have now been replaced with horror, as the island nation’s top exports have been laid to waste. People are starving, they can’t get gas or electricity, and none of the globalists who used Sri Lanka as a testbed for their green fantasies are coming to help…

If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because the same thing is currently playing out in The Netherlands. As RedState reported, farmers are protesting after their leaders signed onto a European Union deal to dramatically reduce nitrogen emissions. Keep in mind, that decision came even as it was obvious those policies were in the midst of destroying Sri Lanka’s economy.

Climate hysterics simply do not care about who they hurt while they pursue their nonsensical, ineffective “green” policies. It should be obvious to everyone who is sentient that the world needs food in order to sustain its population. To attack that sector of human production is suicidal, yet that’s exactly what the climate radicals are doing. They are following the lead of a Swedish teenager over the wants and needs of their own citizens…

And humanity around the world cannot have vast food production without plentiful and, yes, sustainable, fossil fuels in order to run everything from the crop fields to the markets.

Micaela Burrow: ‘Complete Collapse’: Here’s How ESG Destroyed One Nation’s Economy

  • Sri Lanka has run out of fuel and is facing the worst economic crisis in decades.
  • A chemical fertilizer ban in 2021, part of an initiative to cut nitrogen waste and implement greener farming practices, drastically reduced crop yields and damaged Sri Lanka’s trade balance.
  • “The decision to overnight shift away from synthetic fertilizers was an absolute disaster,” economist Peter Earle told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

AP: Sri Lanka president, PM to resign after tumultuous protests

Isabel Vincent: Home of Sri Lanka’s prime minister set on fire by protesters after he agreed to resign

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:


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Andrea Widburg: Is the EU driving the first nails into the Green Energy coffin?

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