China Has a Very Important Choice to Make! -- Testing the China-India Border

China Has a Very Important Choice to Make! — Testing the China-India Border

After further examination and with a 40,000-foot view, the standoff between China and India, or whatever the MSM calls it, appears to indicate there may be more to it than meets the eye.

For example, these article headlines report differing accounts and numbers involved in the skirmishes.

India says three soldiers killed in ‘violent faceoff’ on border with China

India-China Border Standoff Turns Violent, With 20 Indian Soldiers Dead

Security forces clash in a long-disputed area in Himalayan mountains

June 16, 2020 Updated: June 16, 2020

Death Toll From Border Battle Between China, India Significantly Higher Than Initially Reported

Jun 16th, 2020

There is a 2300-mile disputed border between the two countries that has been fought over for many years. Most of the border is near, and through, the Himalayan Mountains.

Xi Jinping’s direction to the Chinese military to be battle-ready has come at a time when tension is growing between India and China in the Ladakh and Sikkim sectors, and also at the Lipulekh tri-junction with Nepal.

In the article, “China Has a Very Important Choice to Make!“, we took a shallow look at the countries mentioned in India Today – May 27, 2020, “Xi Jinping tells the Chinese military to prepare for war. Is it against India, the US, or Taiwan?

This appears to be a “look here, not over there” type of reporting, that a world globalist might employ to shift the attention of the world from their true intentions — to distract from other Chinese military planning.

Upon further investigation, at best the conflicts would be to control the crossing of the unmarked border — the same location that would join two parts of a railway system.  When connected this rail project would be another route of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is a fairly unusual action when considering the full impact this conflict would cause.

To this writer, there are bigger plans.

Xi’s military was told to prepare for war. Their listed foes are India, Taiwan, and the United States.

So why is India a target? Who benefits?  Also, would this action be contributing to the long term goal at the center of China’s ambition, Global Domination? We will give a small check mark on the India-China conflict for now.

However, our team of writers and researchers will be monitoring this and other efforts China is trying to pursue throughout the world.

~~ Check for more articles on the Chinese quest for Global Domination and breaking news around the world and in our country.

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