China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Trojan Horse for Global Domination

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Trojan Horse for Global Domination

May 5, 2020 – The Coronavirus crisis has exposed some of the problems with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or One Belt One Road (OBOR) projects. Long time readers will be familiar with this project covered in great detail in a series of articles on this website written by Terry Mach. He covers the continued expansion into the South China Sea as well as China’s colonization of countries like South Africa, and China’s military aggression.

The BRI, much like Chinese State-Owned Entities (SOEs) are Trojan horses for China’s military intelligence, and are designed primarily to benefit China. We can observe the same thing with Huawei, and its performance as a Trojan horse for China’s surveillance state, but some researchers miss the connection.

It’s all about OBOR and the “pivot to Asia” strategy outlined by globalists like Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was able to push China into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the confusion and chaotic aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Kissinger pushed that through in December, 2001 and some researchers have wondered if 9/11 itself was about One Belt One Road (OBOR) and the “pivot to Asia” strategy as well as the “Oded Yinon” Plan.

Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Australia, France, and more have all signed onto OBOR projects. Israel and Beijing have been “strengthening bonds” as Israel and China engage in tech transfers.Unfortunately this has upset some U.S. counterparts. Israel also turned over control of their Haifa port to China which in recent months has taken over eight ports in Europe.

This article from 2015 by The Tower, explains this growing relationship in more detail.

This article from Ofir Dor of CTech explains the tech transfers, and the trading relationship between Israel and China. Every business seeking to operate within China’s borders must allow Intellectual Property (IP) to be reviewed by China. Then China reverse engineers the technology and creates their own SOE as a competitor. Israel’s counterparts in the U.S. Intelligence Community have been increasingly concerned about this relationship, especially considering Israel is often using Tech with U.S. IP or military applications.

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is essentially China’s plan for a “new silk road.” For those readers who are not familiar with the original silk road, here is a map of the trade routes:

Old Silk Road Trade Routes

This image shows how the trade routes connect the countries. The new Belt and Road plan is far more ambitious and many countries have signed up. Putin and Xi have worked very closely on this project. Here is a picture from the 2019 event:

2019 Belt and Road Conference

There are many “member states” as you can see, with Putin and Xi in the middle.

It appears the Department of Justice and the FCC have finally recognized the threat of Huawei, and Chinese Telecoms in general, after a year long investigation that should have been conducted years ago.

House Republicans have finally figured out that China was partnering with colleges like Harvard because these universities do research with the Department of Defense (DoD) and have been using these “institutions of higher learning” for espionage purposes.

PhD candidate Mr. Abegao points out that China is interested in a “China World Order” and that their “Arctic policy” outlined the plan for the “Polar Silk Road.”

As you can see, Belt and Road is about Chinese global domination. China has been trying to expand their influence in the Arctic, with President Trump seeking to leverage Greenland to cover some of this malign activity.

China has been quietly trying to supplant the United States as world superpower, seeking to de-legitimize the president and the country. Interestingly, they created an alternative to the World Health Organization (WHO) as part of their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) called “Health Silk Road.” Its logo resembles the Red Cross Logo:

The “Health Silk Road,” as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is about concentrating power and centralizing power. China would like to redraw the boundaries on the map, and exert more international influence.

What happens to countries who default on OBOR/BRI loans? China claims sovereignty over the countries’ natural resources and they become owned by and indebted to China:

Between the years 2000 to 2017, over 138 countries signed up for the Belt and Road Initiative and that the same number are currently being tracked with Apple and Google’s “contact tracing” app. If you have ever read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” it describes what the IMF does to countries. This is very similar to what China has been doing within the BRI.

The UK is also working with China and OBOR.

This is the “China-UK” route of the Belt and Road project.

This also connects to Italy, who was suspiciously hard hit by the “China Virus.”

The CCP continues to put out propaganda that China is helping other countries with humanitarian aid. However, China never helps anyone unless they are benefiting in some way:

The “Science Silk Road” is similar in its purpose as the “Health Silk Road.” It’s all part of China’s plan for global domination and the “Chinese Century.”

Unfortunately, this is correct. The Belt and Road project IS a scam BECAUSE it’s a Trojan horse.

China Controlled Ports in Europe

This is highly disturbing when you consider how far China’s reach extends now.

China has now made its way into Australia and has penetrated the country’s national security infrastructure.

China has taken over Australian ports, not just the ones we saw in Europe. How many global ports are now effectively under CCP control?

These countries are all now massively indebted to China.

China’s exports to countries signed up for OBOR have increased this Quarter.

China has heavily invested in Biotechnology. This is part of the “Science Silk Road.”

This shows us the extent and depth of China’s genetic manipulation and “research.”

China reaches further into Europe and the Balkans.

At the same time, they are planning to launch a “digital currency” as an attempt to further isolate the United States:

China exerts influence over Ukraine now, as well as the Czech Republic and other western Balkan countries.

This has permitted China to flex its muscle lately.

Australia has gone so far as to create the Australia-China Belt and Road plan:

This growing relationship will cause problems for Australia, especially when it comes to its relationship with its allies like the U.S., and its membership in intelligence sharing partnerships like the FIVE EYES.

These loans are all high risk, and designed to be that way.

Conveniently for China, the Coronavirus has benefited and boosted their WHO alternative and the “Health Silk Road,” by increasing other countries’ reliance on China.

Not everyone is ignorant of China’s plans.  It would appear that President Trump is aware and he is maneuvering to get China out of the U.S. supply chain.

This has increased tensions between the U.S. and China, an already tense relationship as the president and Xi negotiate terms of the latest trade deal between the respective countries. China is accustomaed to being able to rip off other countries.

The New Silk Road

China plans to dominate the world from this Belt and Road project, combined with their push for 5G and 6G. They want to dominate all domains in fourth generational multi-domain operations. They continue the cold war race for the “weapons system of the future” which is what IoT, Smart Cities and 5G/AI is all about.

America must adapt to meet this new challenge. Facing Coronavirus Fallout, Chinese leaders were told to prepare for an “armed conflict” with the United States, underlying the seriousness of what is at stake.

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