Even Biden’s State Department Excoriates Amnesty International

Even Biden’s State Department Excoriates Amnesty International

By EMMY GRIFFIN February 4, 2022 in Race

“Governments who continue to supply Israel with arms and shield it from accountability at the U.N. are supporting a system of apartheid, undermining the international legal order, and exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian people. The international community must face up to the reality of Israel’s apartheid and pursue the many avenues to justice which remain shamefully unexplored.” —Amnesty International (AI) Secretary General Agnes Callamard

Anti-Israel activists have been spreading this pack of lies since Israel became a nation in 1948. Amnesty International, originally an organization whose goal was to fight for wrongly imprisoned people, has drastically changed its purview. It is now effectively a communist organization that has joined the band of thugs who seek to annihilate Israel and its people.

AI has even published a 280-page dossier on the “crimes” of Israel, accusing its government of fomenting apartheid against the Palestinians, occupying the Gaza Strip (Israel hasn’t been in the Gaza Strip since 2005), and refusing to work with the Palestinians toward peace.

It is the same dishonest tripe that only tells one very selective side of an incredibly complex story. AI’s report also attempts to distill what has largely been a religious and territorial dispute and turn it into a civil rights violation perpetrated by Jews against Palestinians — a crime against humanity, as AI calls it. This report discounts the fact that both Arab and Jewish people living in Israel consider themselves Israelis and are steadily working and living in one country. This past year, the government added the Arab party as part of its parliamentary system.

Due to the outrageous nature of the accusations and the clear slander of the nation of Israel, the State Department weighed in. Spokesman Ned Price declared: “We reject the view that Israel’s actions constitute apartheid. We don’t offer our own public comprehensive evaluations of reports, but we certainly reject the label that has been attached to this when speaking about Israel.”

A broken clock is right twice a day.

This administration has noted, accurately, that AI and other human rights groups put “disproportionate attention on Israel.” This charge is entirely reasonable. AI holds Israel to a standard that it does not apply to other countries. There is no 280-page report on China, which actually is committing human rights abuses.

These blatant double standards and outright lies are dangerous propaganda against a country that has already suffered and whose existence is threatened daily.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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