Former Canadian PM Hopes Hurricane Dorian will Hit Mar A Lago

Former Canadian PM Hopes Hurricane Dorian will Hit Mar A Lago

Written by: Michel Vezina

Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell’s Twitter account ignited yesterday into a barrage of negative tweets following a comment she made referencing a weather update from Journalist Andrew Revkin on Hurricane Dorian.

Revkin posted the weather warning on August 28th stating that:

“Dorian poses peril through rain and wind in Puerto Rico and D.R. now, and a major hurricane threat to the East Coast this weekend. Florida risk, Carolinas in cross hairs. Prepare please.”

To which the former Prime Minister replied, “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago.”

This set off a series of negative comments from her followers.

“Very unbecoming for a person who once was our Prime Minister. Shame.”

“So says a former Canadian PM who served the third shortest tenure in History. She should worry about her own country and provincial issues.”

“What an evil, reprehensible wish – hoping death and destruction comes to anyone at the hands of a Hurricane is monstrous! Surely you were raised better than that! So very glad your time as leader was mercifully short – & were we ever wrong about the sort of person you are.”

So far we have not seen a formal apology from the former Prime Minister.

Kim Campbell served as the 19th Canadian Prime Minister from June 25, 1993 to November 4, 1993. Campbell is the first and only woman to hold the position.

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