From the UN: Presidential Press Conference September 25, 2019

From the UN: Presidential Press Conference September 25, 2019

New York, N.Y. Wednesday, September 25th, 4:28 p.m. EST
The Presidential presser set for 4 p.m. EST, was delayed in NYC.

Context of Press Conference

After a monumental address to the U.N. on Tuesday and announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, he had a previously scheduled meeting with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The president declassified the written transcript of a conversation between him and Zelensky from July 25, 2019. The occurrence and content of the conversation are what the House is using as a basis to impeach Trump. link
In the phone call, the president and Zelensky discuss the United States’ and EU’s varying responsibilities to Ukraine, including the deal for Ukraine’s purchase of United States’ weaponry, namely “Javelins,” personnel-handled anti-tank missiles.

In The Transcript

In a direct manner. President Trump asked President Zelensky to get to the bottom of Crowdstrike’s involvement with the emails from the Democrat National Convention (DNC) server and its involvement, if any, in Russian interference regarding the 2016 U.S. election. In addition, the president wants full details, to which Zelensky agreed, of all Ukraine’s dealings between former Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.


Summary of President Trumps Press Conference from the UN, September 25, 2019


President Arrives

President Trump arrived for the conference and was announced at 4:28 pm EST. He was accompanied by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Labor Secretary Steven Mnuchin. President Trump began by thanking Secretary General of UN Antonio Guterres for helping host the Assembly, and for facilitating numerous meetings with several countries in which historic progress was made.

 Good News

Per Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council, the PMI (private mortgage insurance) index, is way up because home sales are also way up. Oil prices are down, despite recent tensions in the Middle East.


Trump said he wanted to make a “little announcement” about the whistleblower status: “It really has no credibility and no real source.” Kevin McCarthy and others in the house fully support transparency on the issue of this whistleblower.

The Biden Problem

President Trump said he insists on transparency about the deals of  Joe Biden and his son Hunter while Biden was in office. The Bidens had official and business dealings in Ukraine, where alleged threats were made to withhold funds from Ukraine, unless a specific prosecutor was fired. Hunter Biden was serving on the board of a firm the prosecutor was investigating.

The president has informed House leaders plus all Democrats who went to Ukraine and tried to threaten them, get to the bottom of this matter.[writer emphasis] This is exactly what they are accusing POTUS of doing.

The Ukrainian president stated unequivocally that President Trump has not tried to force or threaten Ukraine. Press assertions that the president has tried to threaten them are a “big hoax.” Trump said that “we work really hard with these countries and it is disappointing” to have our efforts undermined. He said “100 per cent of Republicans will be voting yes”, with regard to full transparency on the issue of Crowdstrike and the Biden deals. Democrats Menendez and Durbin wrote a letter to Ukraine that threatened them with adverse legislation and financial assistance unless Ukraine and China cooperated.  “Even Chris Murphy”, a Democrat with whom President Trump has been working closely on gun safety, allegedly threatened Ukraine.

The REAL Fake News

Trump blasted “The Amazon Washington Post” for falsely reporting Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire is quitting since assuming the post on August 16th. Maguire replied he had “never quit anything” in his life. The Washington Post stated Maguire’s alleged resignation was due to a conflict with the “White House”, according to the President. Later in the day, Joseph Maguire reiterated his intent to remain in the post.

Tired of Winning?

The President reported that we have the strongest USA ever. “Our economy is the greatest in the world.” For the first time in a long time, we are bringing in trillions due to new trade policies. China has lost money, jobs and supply chains.

The USA’s presence at this year’s UN General Assembly was stronger “than at any time” in the history of our country. He repeated astounding record low unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. “Wages are up and inequality is down.” He said, “there is no way the fake news will report this.”

He contrasted this unreported good news to the state of affairs under the prior administration.

…More Good News

The level of renewed friendships and advanced relations with the U.K. and a bi-lateral trade deal involving Brexit should help our relations more than ever.

“All countries want to do business with the USA”, said Trump. He had just spoken to Prime Minister Abe of Japan regarding new trade deals, “(including) a deal on technology.”

Pakistan and India are wanting to reciprocate on trade with the US and Trump said, ” he will do whatever he needs” to help the two nuclear powers work out their differences. That is the priority.

Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)

Countries of the Middle East Strategic Alliance “must secure their own futures” and their own countries. They must reimburse us for all the military support we provide. Trump said,  “Middle East leaders said they haven’t seen too many of our boats coming their way.” He asserted our energy independence as a reason, and warned them: “They better not attack our boats, ” and if they do, he promised “big trouble, big trouble.”

This Hemisphere

Nations on this side of the world such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are taking care of crime. The new president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, ” has pledged cooperation with others in the region to encourage asylum seekers to pursue relief as close to their home countries as possible.”  Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is “doing a great job” in this area. It has been very difficult “without the help of Congress” to close loopholes that will take down the human (trafficking) and drug cartels. Nevertheless, great strides have been made.

Slings and Arrows

The sad part, Trump said again, is that “no matter what Secretary Pompeo or Secretary Mnuchin accomplished during this historic week at the U.N., the witch hunt continues! The Democrats did all these things during U.N. week, all over a perfectly wonderful phone call (with Ukraine). There was no quid pro quo.” He seemed to taunt them about one or two conversations that Vice President Pence may have had that they will want to look at.”All perfectly wonderful conversations, and they can have them all!”

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Democrats are “dividing, belittling and demeaning” this great nation. During meetings at the U.N., many world leaders said, “Sir, no one goes through what you have been through”. He said he takes it all in stride and it is just like “putting on a suit.”

Build That Wall

The wall is being built in New Mexico, Arizona and California, “Thanks to the help of Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn”, plus Texas Governor.” [Greg Abbott] There is a wall that is too tough to get  people and drugs through, over or across. Despite needing less money through Homeland Security,” there are about 500 miles that have been built in a week.” The wall has some serious anti-climb panels, tested by professional climbers, who said it is “impossible” to get over. Plus, he added, “there are very rough rivers, mountains and natural barriers” to stop illegals from entry.

A young Venezuelan reporter asked about Trump’s pledge to America that we will never be a Socialist country. She said her country is doing very poorly right now, but “it is getting better”. The President said he knew things are very, very bad in Venezuela and unfortunately, it must serve as an example to the world of what Socialism can do.


Members of the Venezuelan and Iranian regimes and their families have been banned from the United States, as well as any officials under their control.

Freedom of Worship

A meeting with Franklin Graham was held concerning persecution of believers around the world. Reverend Graham pledged support to help free oppressed believers around the world.

More from this Hemisphere

“Trump said that prosperity, security and a way better life is ahead for South America and in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.” The U.S. will continue to give humanitarian aid as long as these countries continue to get tough on violent crime. People have been traveling “hundreds of miles in human caravans” before being stopped. Now, these countries are stopping the caravans and we are no longer paying [these countries] to take care of them. He promised basic humanitarian aid if they stay “tough on crime.”

Questions from MSM

The President then asked the press if they had any questions, “hopefully, not about the witch hunt” (which he said is impossible). He asked if anyone had questions about the progress made at the U.N. General Assembly. “UNAG”
The first question posed by a male reporter, (unknown affiliate), was whether the President really felt there was “nothing wrong with having the conversation” with the president of Ukraine. Trump responded, “President Barack Obama did it! “Trump went on to say “the line of questioning is a disgrace. No other president has gone through” what this president has. He said “the Democrats are using PROJECTION” in that they are “accusing him of doing exactly what they have done. He reiterated, there was “no quid pro quo.”
The Democrat Senators are the ones who made threats and imposed conditions upon Ukraine and China. “Honest people have been maligned,” their lives and fortunes exhausted  “because of the witch hunt.” He said they ” cannot get over his election.” The young man  repeated the question, in a more insistent, somewhat antagonistic tone.  Trump said the “Mueller investigation was supposed to look for corruption.” When none was found, the “Insurance Policy” from the text messages kicked in. He said, “this is what we are seeing right now.”
Trump said his “historic victory” was due in large part to “Hillary Clinton’s failure” to focus on the right states and get a message to the right people. “These (Democrats) are dishonest people and Americans see it and they see their country being hurt.
Nancy Pelosi  has allowed her party to be taken over by radicals or worse.”
Secretary Pompeo and the EU took the position that Iranians attacked Saudi Arabia. Meetings with Global Command and Control (GCC ), were held to deter “Iran’s continued bloodthirst.” Iran will never ever become a nuclear power. The President said, the “world is united” over that issue.
The Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow is working with the EU to ensure cooperation with the U.S. regarding trade. Trump said, talks with Japan have been very productive on trade and “trade equates to more jobs.”

More Questions

From Fox Business: “Markets have reacted well but the Foreign Minister of China states there is no intent” to change course. Regarding specifics of the China deal, Trump said:” They want to make a deal because they are losing supply chains, people and companies are moving away.  We are taking in millions in tariffs from China. They are buying beef and pork from our farmers and all agricultural products again.”  When asked about the United States Mexico Canada trade bill’s chances of success in Congress,”if it does not pass, [are we stuck at] NAFTA?”  The President responded, “we’ll find out.”  “If Nancy and Chuck want to continue with the witch hunt” or get down to business. “Because they can’t beat us in the polls… and they know it.” Recent state elections have shown that. He joked about Representative Al Green saying out loud. “We can’t beat him in elections, [Ohio, NC and FL] so let’s impeach him.”
Fox Business asked if  there is any “reason or precedent for releasing the transcript of the call” between him and the Ukrainian president. Trump  indicated there is nothing to hide and said, “because they were making such a big deal of it!” He continued: “Now they want more. Nice calls. He [Ukrainian president] said he was not pushed. No, we don’t like the precedent of releasing calls. We hated it, but the media was saying lies lies lies. He said that after Senator Lindsey Graham read the transcript, [Lindsey] said he never knew he could be so nice on the phone and was shocked!  [Lindsey] said there is nothing here … Heads of state need to trust us. Vice President Mike Pence called his Ukrainian counterpart.” The President said the press “will be wanting” those transcripts, for sure.
He continued: “And the impeachment saga? We thought it was dead.” The President was asked, “are you braced for it?” He replied, “It broke people, it ruined lives of those good people who just wanted to make the USA a better place. After 2500 subpoenas and 500 people interviewed, yet – NO JOE BIDEN”, and no son, Hunter. People who were hurt by the fake scheme “have been traumatized. The Democrat leadership is guilty of inflicting the trauma. All the fake stories of corruption …”  The President said yes, his family “has been hurt by the poor treatment they’ve received” from all the fakery.  He said he could just see Schiff and Nadler “going behind closed doors and laughing their asses off after taking a [lying] public position” on a strong U.S. Military.

Support from the Airwaves

“Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin” have all stated: “There is no one else who could handle” the slings and arrows and cheap shot lies directed at our president each and every day.


Regarding the hopelessness of Venezuela, and in response to a young reporter’s concerns, Trump commented: “they are our friends” and we are sending millions in aid for humanitarian reasons. “The people have no food, no water, no electricity, no medication.” Socialism is the biggest challenge they face. And it is “very sad” that we must hold Venezuela out as an example of what Socialism will do to a country. Unfortunately, “Maduro is still in power and Brazil, Argentina is in peril.” The reporter noted the Russians and North Koreans are trying to take advantage of the chaos. The USA is “monitoring all of this very, very closely.” President Trump assured the Venezuelan reporter, “We are going to all be fine. Everyone, put this in the back of your mind.  It’s all going to be fine.”

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