Hong Kong Protests Heating Up

Hong Kong Protests Heating Up

HONG KONG – Violence in Hong Kong has intensified as protests over the China Extradition Treaty have entered their 10th consecutive week. The Communist Chinese government has described the demonstrations as signs of  ‘domestic terrorism’ rather than non-violent civil disobedience. The Chinese government has hinted that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has a role in the protests, and have also referred to the demonstrations as a ‘color revolution’ or a US attempt at regime change.

Protesters waved American flags and sang the United States National Anthem:

Now reports are coming in showing what appear to be military tanks assembling:

A July 4th New York Times special anniversary piece on the Tiananmen Square massacre asks a Hong Kong Professor about the ongoing protests:

“Gigi Chow, an officer with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s student union, said rallying for democracy in China would do little to advance the cause of democracy in Hong Kong.

“Our union believes that as Hong Kongers we should focus on Hong Kong first,” Ms. Chow said.

Hong Kong, a former British colony that returned to Chinese control in 1997, closely watched the Tiananmen protests in 1989, looking for indications of the direction of their future country. For weeks in May 1989, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents marched in support of the Tiananmen protesters.

After the Chinese government’s response turned violent, residents of Hong Kong helped smuggle protest leaders to safety. Each year’s vigil is the largest public memorial to those who died.

In Beijing, where such a vigil is impossible, crowds of confused tourists were turned away from the western entrance to the square on Tuesday by security officials citing “crowd control” measures.”

Currently the Hong Kong Airport is shut down as flights have been cancelled amidst the chaos of the protests, from Fox Business:

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