Islamic State Radicals Threaten to Poison Food in the US and Europe

Islamic State Radicals Threaten to Poison Food in the US and Europe

According to Newsweek, Islamic state radicals are training members to poison the food in grocery stores here in the U.S.  Training materials have been found that encourage “lone wolf” attacks on the “crusaders.”  Newsweek reports, “A graphic posted by the ISIS supporters in the Furat Wilayah channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, a platform popular with jihadists because of its secrecy and lack of takedowns compared to other platforms such as Twitter, read: ‘First method: poison.'”

To date there have been no attacks following this directive, but there has been one U.S. case of a jihadist, who had spent time in Yemen, attempting to follow the poisoning orders of the group. Police charged Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, a 22-year-old man from San Francisco.  He is alleged to have tried to support ISIS, but also to “redefine terror” in the Bay Area. “In his December 2016 court hearing, details emerged that he had discussed lacing drugs with rat poison and distributing them in nightclubs across the Bay Area. He had sought information from an undercover agent about mixing highly-toxic pesticide strychnine and cocaine, according to ABC.

This jihadist group has attacked the West successfully.  The worst attack occurred in Paris where they murdered 130 people. “But in Iraq, the group has gone further, testing poisons on prisoners in experiments likened to those carried out during the Nazi era. Iraqi special forces reportedly discovered papers at Mosul University that documented the group’s use of ‘human guinea pigs’ to test chemical agents. British and U.S. forces verified the documents”, according to Newsweek (link above).

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