Netanyahu Evacuated from Political Event as Rocket Sirens Go Off

Netanyahu Evacuated from Political Event as Rocket Sirens Go Off

JERUSALEM – The Times of Israel and Reuters is reporting that following rocket sirens going off, Netanyahu was evacuated from a political event.

According to the Times of Israel who was live-blogging the event:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election rivals tear into his strategy regarding the Gaza Strip after the premier is spirited away during a campaign event in Ashdod due to incoming rocket sirens.

Yair Lapid, co-leader of the Blue and White party, tweets: “a red alert this evening in Ashdod while Netanyahu is onstage is a red flag for the citizens of Israel. Netanyahu is done and can leave the stage.”

Labor leader Amir Peretz says: “Nothing is new. Unfortunately, Netanyahu again disappears while neglecting residents of the south. Real leadership requires dealing with the root of the problem, rather than hiding under Iron Dome’s shield.”

Right-wing figures also slam the premier. Yamina party member Naftali Bennett calls the incident “a national humiliation. Hamas has stopped fearing Israel. Israel’s security will be reinstated by assassinating Hamas chiefs, not press conferences.”

“Today’s event proves that Netanyahu’s policy, which is an effective surrender to terror, has gone bankrupt,” Yisrael Beytenu party leader Avigdor Liberman says in a statement, adding that he, too, was in Ashdod for a campaign event when the sirens sounded.” – The Times of Israel

Jeffrey Heller of Reuters reported that:

“Bodyguards rushed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu off the stage at an election campaign rally in southern Israel on Tuesday after sirens warning of a possible rocket attack from Gaza sounded, Israeli TV showed.

There were no immediate reports of any rockets exploding in the city of Ashdod, where the event was held, and Channel 13 television said Netanyahu was taken to a sheltered area and was safe.” – Reuters

This story is still developing…

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