Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dead at 99

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dead at 99

April 9, 2021, LONDON, UK – This morning Queen Elizabeth II announced the passing of her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle at 99 years of age. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth married in 1947 and marked their 73rd wedding anniversary on Nov. 20, 2020. The Duke of Edinburgh struggled with heart problems during his life, most recently a few months ago.

Speaking this morning, Buckingham Palace made clear that both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II had been receiving the utmost care due to coronavirus concerns and that they were at separate locations with a reduced staff to attempt to limit potential for infection.

The Netherlands’ Royal Family, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Beatrix, issued statements of condolences to the British Royal Family. Many believe Princess Beatrix to be satanic and openly showcasing satanic symbolism proudly displayed on her jewelry

The Queen and Prince Philip

The Associated Press reports British Leaders React to News of Prince Philip’s Death:

Britain mourned the death of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, on Friday from the moment the BBC interrupted scheduled programming to broadcast the national anthem, ‘God Save the Queen.’

Soon after the announcement, people began to line up outside Buckingham Palace to see the official death notice that had been attached to the gate. The flag at the palace, the queen’s residence in London, was lowered to half-staff.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Philip ‘earned the affection of generations here in Britain, across the Commonwealth and around the world.’

‘Like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that it remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life,’ Johnson said.

Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party, was among the first to offer his condolences, noting Philip’s long record of public service, first as as a naval officer during World War II then during more than 70 years of marriage to the queen.

‘He will be remembered most of all for his extraordinary commitment and devotion to The Queen,’ Starmer said in a statement.

‘For more than seven decades, he has been at her side. Their marriage has been a symbol of strength, stability and hope, even as the world around them changed — most recently during the pandemic. It was a partnership that inspired millions in Britain and beyond.’

World leaders also expressed their sadness. Former U.S. President George Bush and his wife, Laura, offered condolences to the monarch and the entire royal family.

‘He represented the United Kingdom with dignity and brought boundless strength and support to the sovereign,’ Bush said in a statement. ‘Laura and I are fortunate to have enjoyed the charm and wit of his company, and we know how much he will be missed.’

France’s Europe minister, Clement Beaune tweeted, “Prince Philip was a grand figure of the century for the United Kingdom,” following his death at age 99. – AP

Prince Philip had been married to the Queen for 73 years, and had served her and his country for a very long time.

ABC News announced the passing this morning.

Fox News discussed the row that Prince Philip had with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, insinuating it could have contributed to his death. Some people might find that offensive, but we do know that stress can exacerbate other conditions, and that Philip recently a heart procedure to ease a condition.

Boris Johnson has released his statement regarding the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Boris has disappointed many who thought he would actually fight against the establishment since he ran on being some kind of anti-establishment figure, but they have been sorely disappointed.

The Queen’s statement on her “beloved husband” is attached above.

Statement of Gustaf of Sweden

Other world leaders have released condolence statements on the passing of Prince Philip.

Not all the responses have been positive, with some Twitter comments calling Philip a racist and saying that he was an evil man. One of the images being passed around was his famous quote regarding overpopulation, when he talked about depopulation as a good thing.

This was a very bizarre and disturbing thing to say particularly consider that there is no consensus agreement on whether or not the earth is actually over-populated. Some eugenics promoters have used this argument about so-called “overpopulation” to try to get their policies back in favor.

Just last month, Meaww published an article entitled Prince Philip’s racist past: Social media sharpens its knives over old scandals amid Meghan Markle controversy that goes into the racism allegations and the falling out with Harry and Meagan:

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh has been hospitalized since February 17. Battling an infection, Prince Philip’s current stay is his longest in hospital. Those facts haven’t deterred social media users from criticizing him over old comments in light of the explosive Meghan and Harry interview. In the interview, Meghan hinted at questions over Archie’s skin color, prompting many to ask if that came from the Prince.

Oprah later clarified that neither Prince Philip nor the Queen were the source of those questions, though Harry declined to say who was. Nonetheless, the internet found the opportunity to attack Prince Philip over his past. He has reportedly been caught multiple times on camera making degrading comments during his many tours and visits. 

Some of those old comments have now come back to haunt him and the royal family, as the fallout from the Oprah interview continues. Buckingham Palace is also battling rumors around Philip’s health, with many convinced he is dying. There are also reports that Harry has been asked to come and see his grandfather, further adding fuel to the fire.

The prince has, for a very long time, been reportedly perceived as racist by the press and public. He has reportedly been known to make off-the-cuff remarks, passed off as jokes during his long time performing official duties. Looking back, many of these comments can be perceived as racist, but for the longest time the press, public and even the palace passed it off has the Prince’s humor.

The royal family hasn’t explicitly apologized for its past either, which is what many seem to be taking offense with today. In 1986, during a visit to China, he reportedly told exchange students in Xian ‘If you stay here much longer you will all be slitty-eyed.’ In 1995, he reportedly asked a Scottish driving instructor, ‘how do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?’

In 1999, he reportedly asked Lord Taylor of Warwick, who is originally from Jamaica ‘And what exotic part of the world do you come from?’ During a 2002 visit to Australia, he reportedly asked the leader of an Aboriginal tribe ‘do you still throw spears at each other?’ When he met the then-President of Nigeria in 2003, he apparently remarked ‘You look like you’re ready for bed!’ The President was dressed in the nation’s traditional wear for the event.

As the palace struggles to respond to the accusations by Meghan and Harry, Twitter has decided that the racist comments originated from Prince Philip. Despite confirmation to the contrary, many believe that Prince Philip is responsible for the questions about Archie’s skin color. ‘Prince Phillip is a well known racist by us in the Commonwealth. It’s actually Commonwealth Day today for us up here in Canada,’ one user tweeted.

Another said, ‘Any racist comments from the royal household must surely come from prince Phillip. He has got serious form (on camera) for making racist remarks.’ One user said ‘Sorry but it sounds like Prince Phillip, among others, is a racist little shit and they can no longer cover it up. I don’t know if the English crown will be able to survive the direction that this is heading.’

Another commented ‘Prince Phillip is an old school racist, Prince Andrew is up to his eyebrows with Jeffery Epstein, Charles leaves his wife for another woman, but Harry falling in love with a woman of color and standing up for her is the real problem here, according to the British press. Got it.’

There have been no major updates to his situation, but now the accusations by Meghan and Harry have overtaken all concerns for his health. – Meaaw

Obviously some of those quotes were made in poor taste. People should bear in mind that he grew up in a very different time and culture from ours today. One month later to the day after Meeaw article was published, Prince Philip passed away.

There are other, more serious allegations against Prince Philip that relate to potential pedophilia and missing children. The claim is that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had traveled to Canada and while there they visited a school of indigenous kids. The allegation was that they took 10 of those children with them, who were disappeared never again to be seen. As far as I know there is no definitive proof for this particular allegation but there is alleged eyewitness testimony by other children who said they were there that day and witnessed the children going with them.

Prince Philip was raised and mentored very much by his uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, a known sexual predator and homosexual. Mountbatten was also very close to Jimmy Saville and Prince Charles. See my article FBI Files Claim Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles’ Mentor, Was A Pedophile for more information.

Then there is this report of Prince Philip’s former aide, who as it turns out was a pedophile and sexual predator. The Guardian reports Prince Philip ex-aide on sex charges stating that Benjamin Herman assaulted a young girl while he was working for the Duke of Edinburgh:

The former personal assistant of Prince Philip has been charged with sexually abusing a girl while he was working for the royal family in the 1970s, prosecutors have said.

Benjamin Herman, now 79, was the personal assistant or ‘equerry’ to the 93-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth from 1971 to 1974.

A spokesman for the UK Crown Prosecution Service said Herman would appear in court on Monday.

‘He is charged with three counts of indecent assault between 1972 and 1974 on a girl aged around 12,’ the spokesman said.

Herman’s role was to attend to Philip’s engagements and personal matters, and he later became the head of the household of Philip’s daughter Princess Anne.

The Daily Mirror reported that police had examined Philips official diaries from the time and taken statements from former palace staff.

A police spokesman would not comment on whether former palace staff had been interviewed and a spokesman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

He said: ‘Officers from Wandsworth CID investigating an allegation of historical sexual assault which occurred between 1972 and 1974 at a location in Putney arrested a 79-year-old man.’

‘He was subsequently bailed to a date in mid-June pending further investigation.’

Britain has been rocked by a series of scandals involving historic child abuse by prominent figures.

The Mirror reported that the alleged victim had come forward following the 2012 revelation that the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile was a prolific sexual predator, which sparked a wave of investigations.

Earlier this month the prime minister, David Cameron, vowed to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in investigating accusations, including claims of a pedophile ring involving senior politicians in the 1970s and 1980s. – The Guardian

The article correctly notes that the British establishment has been rocked in recent years by a series of child abuse and pedophilia scandals involving prominent individuals among Britain’s elite. This has reached all the way to the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace with Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacy, all being accused of sexual abuse of minors. Prince Charles has also been friends with several pedophiles including Jimmy Saville and pedophile priest Peter Ball.

Royals’ Pedophiles? Prince Charles and Pedophile Jimmy Savile; Andrew’s Secret Hard Drive; and Did the Royals Assassinate Pedophile Lord Mountbatten?

The Frank Report has done a good job collecting all these stories and documenting these connections.

The Breaking UK VIP Paedophile Scandal. What We Know So Far (Mainstream Sources). I Just Wanted To Put It All In One Place. from conspiracy

This Reddit post contains 40 different documented connections to pedophilia scandals involved UK VIPS and the British establishment.

Rape, child abuse and Prince Charles’s former school

The above article is a Guardian piece that connects pedophilia scandals to Gordonstoun School, Prince Charles’ former school.

Secrecy laws passed to hide pedophile ring connection to Royal Family

This article goes into the Saville and Epstein connections.

Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty

The above article makes the allegation that one basically must be a pedophile to be promoted in the UK establishment and politics.

I highly recommend reading all of these articles especially the third one. These are documented and proven cases of pedophiles close to the British Royal Family who have been charged with their crimes. In some cases the Royal family attempted to shield these people and protect them from accountability for their crimes, as in the case of priest Peter Ball. This leads one to the conclusion that the Royal family themselves are involved in some very unsavory things.

We do not know what Prince Philip’s role in this was, but it is definitely something to keep in mind as the world mourns his passing, which likely will spur the unearthing of more years-old suppressed ugliness. Some believe he very much disliked Lord Mountbatten and did not mourn his passing at the hands of the IRA. We can only speculate that this might have been due to the sexual abuse allegations.

Meantime, RIP Philip and condolences to Her Majesty.

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