Sunday Newsfeed Quick Hits: Trying Now to Convert “Dumbkirk” into a “Dunkirk” Rescue

Sunday Newsfeed Quick Hits: Trying Now to Convert “Dumbkirk” into a “Dunkirk” Rescue

Our friend Maggie has aggregated the best of the Sunday Biden-Bashing here. It’s excruciating to watch. Keep a good thought for all those suffering and those struggling to survive.

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No, it really is indeed a real Real Clear Politics graph of Biden’s falling approval rating. Somebody just did a cleaver Biden-shop with it.

Kay Apfel: NewsMax’s Greg Kelly: Media bears blame for Afghan debacle for failing to ‘pressure-test’ Biden in 2020

Turning Biden’s “Dumbkirk” into a successful 21st century ‘Dunkirk’:

Ethan Barton: Digital Dunkirk: Massive veterans group uses intel, satellite images to direct Afghan interpreters around Taliban checkpoints: Matt Zeller says ‘digital Dunkirk’ comprised of ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people helping Afghan interpreters flee country

Mark Moore: Pentagon activates Civil Reserve Air Fleet to aid Afghan evacuations: The program will enable 20 airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, among others, to support the evacuation efforts of US citizens and Afghans with special immigrant visas from Europe and the Middle East

Rick Moran: ‘Disaster on Every Level’ As Biden Closes Kabul Airport and Orders Commercial Airlines to Aid the Evacuation … I guess Joe needs to take his own demands from the beginning of this month and “Get out of the way”. Side note: In that Biden statement on his pandemic agenda of fed-gov vs states’ GOP governors, he wasn’t anymore accurate or truthful than he’s now being on his Afghanistan pull-out.

Who in Hell are the 5% who think the Afghanistan withdrawal is going “very well”? …

Jim Hoft: “Utterly Horrendous… People Who Have Done Multiple Tours Say It’s the Worst Thing They Have Ever Seen – People Dying Outside Airport Gate” – Sky Reporter Tells of Horror Outside Airport (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: Taliban Terrorists Take 20 Children Hostage — Give Fathers 4 Hours to Surrender or the Children Will Be Killed (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft: Former British Prime Minister Blasts Joe Biden for “Imbecilic” Withdrawal from Afghanistan – A “Tragic, Dangerous and Unnecessary” Plan

VIDEO: Steve Hilton calls Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal an ‘absolute catastrophe’

Jon Dougherty: ‘Everything woke turns to sh*t’: Trump rails on Biden, generals at massive rally for ‘total surrender’ in Afghanistan … “Surrender” AND, apparently, subjugation. Because all I hear from the Biden administrantion wonks on the Taliban brutality of people trying to get into the airport or elsewhere in the Kabul streets is that ‘Well, this isn’t the whole of the Taliban, just, like, bad seeds…’ or some such bullshit. These are the same damn idiots who demanded this nation’s civilian police force is bad and racist because of a small percentage of police shooting of black perps, and the whole of our police force must be defunded and abolished.

Paul Sperry: Hundreds of released Gitmo detainees back to killing Americans

Twitchy: ‘The audacity’! Sec. of State Blinken’s tweet about ‘holding terrorists to account’ IMMEDIATELY aged horribly

Jorge Fitz-Gibbon: ‘No good options’ in Afghan withdrawal plan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says … Bullshit.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton: Fox News Chief National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin excoriated President Biden’s “alternate reality” remarks on Afghanistan Friday, stating she “couldn’t fact-check it fast enough in real-time.”

Vivek Saxena: America first? Not so much: Mere 2,500 Americans among 17K rescued thus far from Kabul

Of course the leftist MSM is greatly invested in this. Invested in how they can spin any/all blame on republican administrations who “set-up” this failure for dem C-in-Cs, or something…

Tim Haines: Glenn Greenwald: “Merger Between The Democratic Party And The CIA” Are Deeply Offended By Afghanistan Withdrawal

GWP: Media Turns Against Biden, But Tucker Isn’t Buying It: “Something Else Is Going On” … Hint. Hint … “Never let a crisis go to waste…” *wink*

FLASHBACK – Katie Pavlich (5/18/15): Confirmed: Weapons Were Moving Through Benghazi to Syria

Bryan Preston: Has Biden Built ISIS Back Better?

Madeline Leesman: Ex-Navy SEAL, Robert O’Neill, Who Killed Osama bin Laden Says Biden ‘Surrendered to the Taliban’

Twitchy: Cuz it ain’t BIDEN! Richard Grenell DROPS a big-a*s truth-BOMB on media about who is REALLY pulling the #Afghanistan strings

Speaking of the MSM trolls, WaPo’s Jen Rubin is missing her calling as a NYC bag lady with a three-wheeled grocery store cart filled with mangey cats…

Twitchy: HuffPost: President Biden frustrated by the ‘unduly hawkish coverage’ by pro-war pundits in the media

Now they’re starting to getting around to covering Joe’s boney ass. But it’s hard work under these circumstances. It’s hard. It’s really, you know, really-really very hard to get that gaslight to light…


Quite the coinky-dink, eh?

Jacqui Heinrich , Caitlin McFall: State Department hit by cyber attack, source says: The extent of the State Department cyber breach remains unclear


Many thanks to Maggie and TheUniversalSpectator for reprint permission.

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