The Draconian Fascism of The China Virus Era

The Draconian Fascism of The China Virus Era

By Maggie, The Universal Spectator August 28, 2021

Australia is nearly finished, mates. The camps are about to open and the people will be interned in them…

Julian Conradson: “Wellcamp: The Best Way To Keep You Safe” – Australian Health Officials Produce Creepy Dystopian Propaganda For New ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’ (Video)

Earlier this month, health officials from down-under announced their plans to build multiple “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities” where they would be able to house rule-breakers who have been ignoring lockdown orders, and keep them from leavin.

Authorities wont play around or ask nicely either.

Once these facilities are built – If the Australian Health Regime deems you need to be put in time-out, you’re going be taken there by a heavily armed squad of Covid Gestapo.

Now, just a few short weeks after plans were announced to build the camps, tyrannical elected officials are putting out creepy propaganda videos and photos, as part of their campaign for mindless compliance…

Palaszczuk alludes to strong support for the project and even seems to be branding the videos with her office campaign logo, as if she is planning to use the camps in her platform when she runs again for re-election…

These oppressive measures have been put in place despite Australia seeing virtually no new cases of Covid for quite some time.

Just take a look at the most recent official reporting that shows a whopping 4(yes 4..) new cases of Covid were added to Queensland’s number of total active cases, for a grand total of 26 infected individuals in the countries second-largest state.

Questionable decision considering the massive nationwide resistance in the country…

Be on the lookout, and pay very close attention, for similar forced-quarantine sites that may be coming to the US.

The CDC has already published an approach that discusses building these types of covid-internment camps, using terms like “green zone” and “shielding approach” as euphemisms to make it more palatable…

From what I am seeing in my Australia pal’s Facebook activity Australia’s ruling class may be in for a very rude kick in the ass come election time. Not every person in Oz is loving this chilling government overreach…

Peter Hartcher @ The Sidney Morning Herald: Even Gladys Berejiklian is fed up with PM, who she privately regards as ‘evil’ and a ‘bully’

Meanwhile, here at home it’s back to school time with the mask Nazis in kids schools and on the overpriced college campuses…

Newsweek: Two Students Banned From Springs Charter School in Temecula, California After Refusing To Wear Masks on Religious Grounds

Watch the video in this link. Watch the other students sitting around the student being penalized. Not one of them objected. Not one of them stood up for the other. Most looked away like scared sheep not wanting to bring attention to themselves. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, in communist China/USSR/North Korea. Every ‘masked’ student in that room should have stood up and ripped off their own masks in unity with the one student, not sat quietly in submission or chuckling in ridicule. But they didn’t, and for me, not a-one of them has any measure of righteous gravitas that should be taken seriously if they decide to “protest” on campus for anything else like pro-PalestineLGBTQRST rightsclimate change, etc. Shall they indeed gather at some point in an organized protest of such issues they should be roundly laughed at, just as they laughed in their classroom…

News Wars: Watch: Police ‘Drag’ College Student Out of Class at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga for Refusing Wear Face Mask … He should sue the university.

Meanwhile #2…

While there are many deserving Afghanis who must be evacuated from that country or face imminent torture and death for aiding US and allied forces AND for being part of that country’s more modern democracy government for these last 20 years, we are being told the over 100,000 Afghani evacuees are mostly general population, with no priority being given to translators/interpreters, other Afghanis who were military aides, SIV-holders, etc. … or to Americans.

That said, the throngs of Afghanis are not being given COVID screening until getting here on crowded flights- just like the illegal aliens that have flooded across our border … only these folks are being flown into Washington DC by the plane loads, tying up the airport there.

Paula Bolyard: Afghan Evacuees Won’t Be Forced to Take the COVID Vaccine, NORTHCOM Commander Says

Gen. Glen VanHerck, the commander of the United States Northern Command, said during a press conference on Friday that around 7,000 Afghan refugees have thus far been airlifted to the U.S. The refugees, who will be housed at U.S. military bases around the country, will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine but won’t be forced to take it…

Individuals are tested upon arrival in the U.S. and quarantined if they test positive. VanHerck said that several people have tested positive, though he emphasized that it’s only a small percentage of the thousands who have arrived.

They were all crammed onto planes for hours on end as they were flown to the U.S.—and before hanging out at the crowded Kabul airport—so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a major outbreak amongst the evacuees over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, members of the U.S. military will be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine beginning next month, whether they want it or not…

Rick Moran: Will You Need a Vaccine Booster Shot Every Year for the Rest of Your Life?

Joel Zinberg: Booster Overkill: Getting more people vaccinated remains far more important than additional Covid shots for those who have already gotten them.

Glenn Reynolds:

OUT: We must vaccinate everyone to prevent the rise of new variants. IN: “As the Delta variant continues its global surge, experts are questioning whether the long-held goal of achieving herd immunity from COVID-19 through vaccination is still viable.”

Jeffrey Carter: Leading From Fear: Worth dissecting where we are with Covid…

Fear is a powerful emotion because of the chemicals that are released into the body. We are genetically ingrained for flight or fight. Animals are too. I see a lot of wild animals up here in Northern Minnesota all summer long and all of them choose flight when you happen upon them. I have seen wolves, bears, moose, deer, fox, and coyotes. All have run rather than face me. Flight is a lot easier than fight.

Same goes for humans. It’s easier to accept all the bullshit that comes down than fight it.

Check this out:

Covid is just not as serious as the politicians are making it out to be. They have another goal. Increase their power. Political entities love power. The Founders recognized that and enshrined people’s rights into the Constitution. It’s worth pointing out the Constitution and Bill of Rights protect people from government, not the other way around.

The statistical distribution for Covid is not a classically formed bell curve statistical distribution. It’s highly skewed…

Please read the whole thing. While this virus should be taken seriously, it needs to also be put in full (REAL) scientific context and proper perspective, and not with the indiscriminate, fat-fisted, draconian, anti-science, “one size fits all” mandating.

Emma Colton: Furious crowd forces Justin Trudeau to cancel campaign event: ‘Need freedom’: A campaign event for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was canceled over safety concerns after angry coronavirus protesters rallied against the liberal leader.

VIDEO: New Israeli study offers new insight on vaccines and naturally infected

FNC: Top insurers no longer waving patients’ coronavirus fees: study

More on my previous post under the The COVID war being waged… and whatever else the unelected CDC wants to shoot at us… section…

Steven Nelson: Biden, Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every 5 months … So, what you’re saying is the vaccine(s) don’t work.

Kevin Downey, Jr: The Virus From a Communist Nation Is Turning the World Commie


~~Many thanks to Maggie and TheUniversalSpectator for reprint permission.

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