The Leftist Tyrant Up North

The Leftist Tyrant Up North

By DOUGLAS ANDREWS  February 17, 2022 in Government

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embodies all the worst elements of the Left.

And we think our leftist leader is a loser.

President Joe Biden might be a lying dog-faced pony soldier, and he might be deep in the throes of cognitive decline, but at least he can point northward and say: “It could be worse. I could be Justin … er, uh … the guy who runs that outfit up there.”

Indeed, Trudeau would be a thoroughly forgettable leader were he not making himself so despicably unforgettable. As Our Nate Jackson pointed out earlier this week, Pierre Trudeau’s pajama-boy progeny has resorted to the favorite tool of tyrants everywhere: emergency powers. “These blockades are illegal,” Trudeau the Younger declared, “and if you are still participating, the time to go home is now.”

To which the freedom-loving truckers have gently replied: Pound Alberta tar sand.

Oh, how the flighty have fallen. It was little more than a year ago when Trudeau saw fit to meddle in the internal affairs of a nation halfway around the globe — a nation that was at the time beset by its own little episode of trucker truculence. As Not the Bee notes, Indian farmers were peacefully blockading the roads around New Delhi when Trudeau declared, “Canada will always stand up for the right to peaceful protest and human rights anywhere around the world, and we are pleased to see moves towards de-escalation and dialogue.”

Got that? Trudeau will “always stand up for the right to peaceful protest.” Unless his own muskox is getting gored, in which case it’s straight to the never-before-used Emergencies Act, which he dubiously claims “is necessary to reinforce the principles, values, and institutions that keep all Canadians free.”

Because nothing says “principles” and “values” and keeping “all Canadians free” like confiscating the protesters’ diesel fuel; like arresting elderly men who deign to support them; like failing to denounce the vicious leftists who use their vehicles to run over them.

No, nothing says “freedom” quite like freezing the bank accounts of folks who are linked to this undeniably peaceful protest and doxing them, all but announcing an open season on political violence toward them. Take Ottawa’s Stella Luna Gelato Café, whose owner made a $250 donation to the protesters. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board notes: “When this became public, callers threatened to throw bricks through her store window. She ordered the shop closed. On Tuesday she recanted her support for the truckers to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.”

Leftists are always clamoring for “donor transparency,” and this is precisely why: They want to be able to turn their Brownshirts loose to terrorize donors whose causes they disagree with. This is what leftists do. It’s how they roll. Anyone remember Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, the brilliant entrepreneur who in 2008 happened to donate to a cause that supported traditional marriage? That donation caught up to him six years later, and it forced his resignation. This is what donor transparency means for those on the Right.

Not surprisingly, the Leftmedia has joined in to do Trudeau’s dirty work. As the Journal’s editors continue: “Major news outlets in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. are contacting the [Freedom Convoy] donors, asking them to justify their contributions. Many donors feel pressure to recant or desist from further financial expression of their views. For many journalists, that is no doubt the goal.” Not even Ilhan Omar can defend this practice.

Finally, we haven’t heard much from Trudeau in terms of “de-escalation and dialogue,” but we have heard plenty from him about swastikas and such. It seems that the last refuge of a leftist scoundrel is the “Nazi” card, which stateside Democrats tend to keep tucked in their sleeves, and which Trudeau played Wednesday against a Jewish member of Parliament who had the temerity to criticize his handling of the truckers’ protest: “Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas. They can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag,” he said.

Imagine: a head of state accusing a Jewish woman — and the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors — of being a Nazi acolyte. What a disgrace.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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