Tuesday Newsfeed: Has Putin Gone Full “Orwell”?

Tuesday Newsfeed: Has Putin Gone Full “Orwell”?

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The humanity…

Chelsey Cox: ‘This warms the heart.’ Ukrainian refugees gifted empty strollers at Polish train station

As is often said, truth is the first casualty of war.

NYPost Ed Board: Biden blames Jan. 6 for Putin’s invasion and other whoppers of the Ukraine war

The Orwellian Putin:

It is not out-of-line to compare Putin to Orwell’s “Big Brother” as his army of internet hackers have been running amuck for years now.

Bradford Betz: Russian pro-war ‘Z’ symbol: what to know: Symbols likely signify broader conflict between East and West

Koffler told Fox News the Russians may be using Latin symbols as a signal that the war in Ukraine is part of a grander conflict between the Atlanticism of the West and the Eurasianism of the East.

“Russia perceives itself as neither European nor Asian, but Eurasian,” Koffler said. “This is how they view it. It’s not about Ukraine, it’s East against West. They want to control Eurasia and they don’t want the U.S. or China to be in that position of dominant power.”

The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. – George Orwell, 1984

Meanwhile, I have stated from the start that ‘disinformation’ has been active since the Russia invasion of Ukraine. So, who and what do we trust from those in the news business? Should we be suspicious of Putin’s recent media “ban” on and heavy regulating of the media in Russia, including Russia’s own state-run media?

Brian Flood: Maria Baronova fears ‘we’re on the brink of a nuclear war’ after quitting Russian state-run media over Ukraine: ‘I wouldn’t lose my salary and job if I was sure that we are going to be alive for many years,’ Baronova told Fox News Digital … Is Baronova being honestly frank in her assertion or paranoid? Should we believe her? Is there a possibility/probability Putin has this whole Russia media Ukraine war news control a deflection move to fuel “Russian disinformation” in our own MSM?

I mean, look at this U.N. “newspeak” bullshit…

I’ll be waiting to hear the Irish Times refute that this is their article. It has happened before with unbelievable stories cited to their news organization.

Twitchy: UN takes bold steps to avoid offending Vladimir Putin’s delicate sensibilities by reportedly banning staff from referring to Russian ‘war’ or ‘invasion’

By the way, in googling for information for this post I came across this very interesting piece from six years ago. Read it and see how far the MSM has fallen into their “newspeak” since then…

Robert Graham @ Errata Security: We’ve always been at war with Eastasia

Orwell’s point in 1984 was that it’s more than just government Though Police. The people themselves participate, willfully, in “double think”.

I point this out because the rise of online journalism has meant the rise of editing old articles to conform to changing political realities — just like in 1984, but done willfully, without government mandate…

This post isn’t about refugees, but Orwelianism. What’s shown here is retroactive changing of history to conform to the new political consensus. It’s doublethink, as people strive to change their own thinking. It’s newspeak, as people try to change what others believe by changing the words used to express those ideas. It’s also about the mainstream press, which has become part of the corrupt establishment, obviously violating every principle of journalism in order to exercise power.

Read the whole thing. He lays out stark news stories examples from around 2016 where our MSM was actively practicing its politicized “newspeak” to create false narratives. Today they believe they have perfected the process. However, more people than not are seeing right through their false narratives and fake premises and calling them out on it. Hence, social media has joined the establishment MSM and is assisting them by “flagging” and “banning” and censoring information and whole news stories. For example, see the Hunter Biden’s laptop story in the New York Post in the run-up to the 2020 election. The Post was banned from Twitter upon breaking the story of the laptop’s contents, and anyone who dared share the NYP link was censored in one way or another by Twitter and Facebook, even Google more than willingly rode that ‘red train’ in order to protect then democrat candidate Joe Biden. And now we have NYPost writer Miranda Devine’s book, Laptop from Hell on the scope of the damning contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop that the MSM refuses to acknowledge, let alone report on. I bring up Devine’s book because within it is the evidence of Hunter’s and Joe’s and his brother’s financial and political collusion with Ukraine during the Obama administration, not the least of which is Joe’s own smug and braggadocios publicly admitted political coercion and threatening of a Ukraine prosecutor’s government investigation of his son’s financial dealings with the country (video here). It is important to directly point this out, again, as the MSM is still covering Biden asses while now trying desperately to blame Pres. Trump for Putin’s invasion and war on Ukraine…

Christian Datoc: Putin invaded Ukraine under Biden. Democrats say Trump is to blame

Hence, Trump, who made us energy independent and a world leader in energy exports during his administration … until Biden’s coup got into the Oval Office on 1/20/21 and “canceled” all of Trump’s energy policies … is to blame for Russia’s war on Ukraine that has resulted in the 3-times hike in gasoline and oil prices since he left office (gas was under $2 when Trump left the White House)…??!!????? Pay no attention to the formidable rise at the pump that began when Biden was handed his first pudding cup in the White House. And when they aren’t blaming Trump or republicans they blame the big oil companies, doncha know…

VIDEO: Will Cain: Gas prices rose before Russian invasion

Tyler Olson: Energy industry swipes back at Psaki ‘red herring’ comment on oil and gas leases: ‘That accusation is a complete red herring,’ one energy industry representative said of Psaki’s comment

VIDEO: ‘The Five’ react to Jen Psaki sparring with Peter Doocy over domestic oil production

VIDEO: Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on $7 gas: ‘That’s what the Democrats want’ – Jordan slams President Biden for not standing up to Democrats on increasing U.S. energy production. … He is not calling the shots, Jim. He is not in-charge of the administration or the party.

VIDEO: Energy industry responds to Psaki comments in federal land leases: Fox Business spoke with energy industry leaders and Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) about the Biden White House’s claim that 9,000 oil and natural gas drilling leases sit unused. … They note that just trying to get into those alleged unused “leased” areas in order to survey and research is like walking through endless brick walls of government restrictions and regulations. The Alaska senator gave the example of the months and months-long government restrictions delays if you try to just build an “ice road” to and through the leased areas in his state. See how that works? Just know that Psaki is not the spokesperson for Joe Biden. She’s the spox for the communist GND pox infecting the White House, and us.

Matt Margolis: Jen Psaki Continues to Prove She’s a Moron … The dullest coke-spoon in the “Free Crack Pipes” Biden administration drawer.

WSJ Ed Board: Biden’s Bizarre Oil Diplomacy: He courts Venezuela and the Saudis, but not U.S. or Canadian producers.

Ed Morrissey: Senate Dems fret: How do we keep from getting blamed for high gas prices? WSJ: Come on, man

Twitchy: Dan Pfeiffer accuses Republicans of ‘bad faith BS’ for pinning high gas prices on Dems before bravely trying — and failing — to run away

Brooke Singman: MESSIN’ WITH TEXAS: Biden to be greeted in Texas with near-record gas prices – Biden is expected to announce a ban on Russian oil imports to the United States


There is absolute zero chance of this administration opening any domestic drilling in America. Absolute zero chance. The GND must be worshiped and carried out at the destruction and demise of the USA, at all costs. And these are the administration’s high intellect leaders in that religious mission…

Steven Nelson: Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg slammed for ‘tone-deaf’ e-vehicle push as gas skyrockets

Twitchy: Deep thoughts, with Kamala Harris (except nobody can figure out WTF she’s talking about): WATCH her cringiest word salad YET

Twitchy: ‘Help me make sense of this’: Allow Pete Buttigieg to explain how you can avoid being hit by rising gas prices

And this mega-mind…

Breitbart: Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR): ‘We Should Have a Climate Emergency’ and Need to ‘Have the World Transition’ to Green Energy to Undercut Russia … He’s not talking 50-60 years. No, like, weeks-months.

‘Ermahgerd’ with this female post-turtle…

BPR: Harris slams truckers over ‘poisonous’ pollution as convoy hits DC, declares US at a ‘turning point’ … Far-far less “pollution” and carbon emissions than the last couple of years of “the summer of love” riots fumes and flames in the nation’s dem cities, including in DC, Kammy.

“The stupid” runs even deeper with the lapdog MSM…

Putin knows he has the US in a classic “Catch-22” situation. Keep buying his oil and funding his government’s war on Ukraine, or ban the imports and add to the insanity in the markets/at the pump…

Twitchy: Leadership! Biden admin reportedly set to announce ban on Russian oil, which will stick it to Putin by … sending US gas prices skyrocketing … There is no replacement for the Russian oil that will no longer be imported here.

Oh, and if y’all find yourselves chuckling cynically at me when I say Alaska might-well be on Putin’s Build Back Bolshevik Better radar to annex for natural resources (See; the oil/gas this administration is forbidding we drill), I came across this…

Yaron Steinbuch: Russia builds up massive military arsenal in Arctic, new satellite images show Yeah. This story was a year ago. Guarantee ya their bases have grown a bit more since then. I am doubtful anyone attached to this administration is even using peripheral vision to that area.

On another page, as the Biden administration sets a plan to ban oil imports from Russia, Glenn Beck this morning says, (paraphrasing) as Biden goes hat-in-hand to our enemies, Venezuela, Iran and OPEC, for more oil output after we were not only energy independent but a huge world supplier in 2019-2020, do not be surprised when he goes begging to China for wheat and for fertilizer for our farmers to feed our country.

VIDEO: Lydia Hu: World food prices 24% higher than last year: The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the prices of corn, wheat and fertilizer.

Peter Caddle: ‘Global Food Crisis’ Ukraine War Will Have ‘Catastrophic’ Effect on Global Food Supply – Agri Org: The world is heading into a global food crisis thanks to the war in Ukraine, according to the head of one major Agri organisation.

Well … This is sorta-kinda good news to the nation’s struggling farmers who have been hit hard by drought and looking to get “out of the red” and actually go above breaking even on their crops…

VIDEO: Wheat prices hit record high as Putin’s war continues: Brooks Barnes, a farmer in North Carolina, warns that Americans could see prices increase in grocery stores.

THE RUSSIAN OIL EMBARGO ANNOUNCEMENT – Stupid Biden thinks we’re the stupids

FNC UPDATES: CRUDE MOVE: Biden claims he is not holding back US energy, warns Russian oil ban will cost Americans – Biden announces ban on US imports of Russian oil, gas: President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the decision for the U.S. to ban Russian gas and oil imports is going to cause soaring domestic gas prices to rise even further, but added that he is “going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike here at home.”

Twitchy: Joe Biden gaslights on gas prices, claims ‘it’s simply not true that’ his admin is stifling US energy production — and promptly heads for the hills [videos]

And so-o-o, Joe will stop sending our money to fuel Putin’s tyranny, instead sending it to tyrants in Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia … who, more likely than not, will actually be selling us Russian oil anyway.


Melanie Arter: Rubio: A No-Fly Zone Means World War III

James Nollet: How far will Putin go? Why stop with the old Soviet Union? … I am telling you, Vlad has Alaska on his Soviet “Bucket List”

Robert Kelly: Why The War In Ukraine Seems Destined To Get Far Worse

J. Robert Smith: The Ukraine War Can’t Save Biden … And it’s silly to think that the war has distracted Americans from the country’s festering domestic woes.

J.J. Sefton: “OIL IS LIFE: Everything we eat, wear, use or otherwise consume is made from or requires oil, coal, natural gas or some other form of carbon to create. Kill that industry and you kill off humanity…”

Damiel Greenfield: The Left Isn’t Letting the Ukraine Crisis Go to Waste: Biden doesn’t want to stop the invasion. He wants to use it.

Chris Buskirk: Reject Liz Cheney’s War: The first step to take in returning to peaceful and normal relations with Russia will be to reject the Wyoming Republican’s warmongering.

Christine Douglass-Williams: Why Does Zelensky Admire Justin Trudeau? Are we allowed to explore the question?

Lloyd Billingsley: Forties Something: As the clocks strike 13, more wisdom from a war-torn decade.

HotAir: Poll: 56% blame Biden’s Afghan debacle for Ukraine invasion

Colin Reed: Biden’s failures by the numbers – energy costs, poll numbers tell the story: Biden’s approval ratings and energy costs show that bad policies carry real-life implications

Karen Townsend: Jill Biden is on a three-day three state tour speaking about unity and trashing Trump


Jack Crowe (7/12/19): AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti admitted recently that the true motivation behind introducing the Green New Deal is to overhaul the “entire economy.”

Chakrabarti said that addressing climate change was not Ocasio-Cortez’s top priority in proposing the Green New Deal during a meeting with Washington governor Jay Inslee…


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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