Tuesday Newsfeed: Things We Should Be Hearing About and Seriously Talking About…

Tuesday Newsfeed: Things We Should Be Hearing About and Seriously Talking About…

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The world is changing right under our masked noses, folks. Move the mask and have a smell of the growing rot.

James P. Pinkerton @ Breitbart: Biden’s Great Reset Goes Through His ‘Woke’ Federal Reserve Nominees

In his Build Back Better (BBB) legislation, President Joe Biden wanted to spend $570 billion over the next decade on green causes, mostly focused on climate change. Fortunately, that bill seems to be dead, and yet now the Biden greens (that is to say, the Biden administration) have their eye on an even bigger pot of money with which to pursue their climate agenda: the assets of American banks. Those assets total nearly $23 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. A crucial vote on whether or not this sneaky policy can proceed will be held tomorrow when the Senate’s banking committee votes on whether to advance Biden’s Federal Reserve nominees, particularly the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin as the Fed’s top bank regulator.

Where the Money Is

Speaking of the Federal Reserve System, the Fed, as it is called, is the principal body that oversees and regulates banking in the U.S. After the failure of BBB, the Fed is Biden’s preferred mechanism for advancing his version of the Green New Deal. After all, the Fed has vast powers over the banks—including whether or not they can lend money to, or otherwise finance, fossil-fuel companies. From a Bidenite point of view, this seems like a clever strategy; as has been said of banks, “That’s where the money is.”  

Specifically, Biden wants to gain control of the Federal Reserve’s seven-member Board of Governors. Of these seven slots, three are currently vacant. On January 14, the White House named three candidates to fill those slots, all of them friendly to his green scheme. If that trio is confirmed by the Senate, they will join a fourth Democrat already on the board, and the left will have gained control of the Fed.  

Yes, the Bidenites have visions of that $23 trillion—and what they can do with it—dancing in their heads. The banks have their $23 trillion, and the Fed has its regulatory power, and so the Fed can rewrite banking rules to choke off financing for fossil-fuel companies.

This regulatory option is a ray of hope for embattled Democrats, because their elected officials, eyeing recent election results and current polls, have grown leery of overt actions to choke off energy, and thus tank the economy. That’s why legislative efforts to block energy lending have ground to a halt.  

Instead, sly Democrats prefer covert actions, the kind they hope will leave no political fingerprints.  That’s where the Fed comes in: Democrats hope that an “independent” Fed can do all the choking behind the scenes; that is, without Democratic pols actually having to vote on unpopular energy reductions. Far better, Dems figure, to let un-elected bureaucrats do the dirty work.  

On January 29, this author sketched the outlines of this sneaky strategy: “Biden’s ‘Big Shift’ on Climate Change Is the ‘Great Reset’ by Stealth.” (The Great Reset, of course, is the green-globalist agenda put forth by the German Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, aka, Davos.)…  

You really must read the whole thing. I heard Glenn Beck read a portion of it on his Tuesday radio program. It is indeed diabolic what is happening, and what is planned to happen under “The Great Reset” agenda. Here’s Glenn on Monday’s program discussing how the stock market and our IRAs are tightly tied to all of this…

This is happening. And it is not just the USA. Look at what Justin Casdreau just did in Canada…

Well, he is taking his cues from the Biden bunch…

DC (2/10/22): Biden Admin Reportedly Tells Canada To Use Federal Power To Crush Trucker Convoy … And just four short days later. That said, J.T. may even be carrying our his own version of a ‘deep state’ redherring…

Washington Times: Canadian police seize weapons, arrest 13 at border crossing amid truckers blockade

Did any of them look like this?

Paula Bolyard: Trudeau Goes Nuclear: Invokes Emergencies Act to Crush Freedom Convoy

Mary Chastain: Canada PM Justin Trudeau Invokes ‘Emergencies Act’ To Fight Trucker Freedom Convoys: The premiers of Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan oppose Trudeau’s power grab.

Bryan Babb: ‘Oil On A Raging Fire’: Reporter Presses Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau After He Announces Crackdown

Twitchy: ‘He warned them years ago’: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s true authoritarian intentions should’ve been obvious from the very beginning

Adam Mill: Why They’re So Afraid of the Truckers: When real labor awakens to the true parasitic nature of the Left, the whole system comes crashing down.

Jordan Peterson was on in the first hour of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton radio program today. Peterson predicts this massive and tyrannical power-grab will mean the downfall of the Trudeau government. He is already losing the Canadian press…

Toronto Sun EDITORIAL: Trudeau has gone too far: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unjustified invoking of the Emergencies Act is deeply problematic and will have long-lasting consequences for the country.

ABC News Via AP: Ottawa’s police chief resigns amid truck protest in Canada

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap: Joe Biden Just Got Advice So Crazy You Won’t Believe It


Tim O’Brien: Newton, the Third Law of Motion, and Canadian Truckers

Sir Isaac Newton published his laws of motion in 1687, the third of which states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

In its own way, Newton’s law applies to the trucker protests in Canada and elsewhere in the world. It seems that in countries where the pressure was applied the strongest and for a longer period of time has triggered a proportional response.

Governments in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have been three of the worst offenders when it comes to attacking citizens’ basic liberties.

To be sure, while most countries in the world have experienced varying degrees of restrictions, Canada has created one of the more potent cocktails of lockdowns, mask requirements, social distancing requirements, vaccine mandates, vaccine passport mandates, travel restrictions, contact tracing, quarantining, surveillance and policing.

How Bad is It?…

WE: The frightening breadth and unaccountability of the deep state

A Big Tech executive conspired with a top research university and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to spy on presidential candidate Donald Trump.

That, all on its own, is bad enough. But it is much worse that the spying continued into Trump’s term in office. It included the exploitation of data from the Executive Office of the President. That this could occur, and that it should go unpunished so long, should frighten everyone…

Robert Zimmerman: The lie that was COVID

Almost two years after the first arrival of the Wuhan virus into the United States, we now can look back at what has transpired and come to some solid conclusions about this respiratory illness as well as the draconian panic-based responses by governments and many citizens.

The most significant take-away from this review is simple: Routinely, government officials, especially those in states controlled by Democrats, lied repeatedly in order to create fear and terror in the general population. Almost every claim they made, edict they declared, or mandate they ordered, was either an outright lie, or designed to obscure the truth. Let’s take them one-by-one…

Mark Hemingway: News for the Elite: Who the media establishment ultimately serves has a profound impact on how newsrooms go about addressing fundamental questions…

Journalism used to be written primarily by the working class for the working class, but as the industry shrinks, it has become ensconced in an elitist bubble that serves the interests of its corporate owners and distribution channels controlled by Big Tech. This renders it incapable of accurately describing, much less diagnosing, the problems faced by working-class readers, leaving the news business in a death spiral as ordinary Americans reject the media in growing numbers…

This elitism culminates with Watergate, which ultimately sounded a death knell for journalism as a working-class profession. Woodward and Bernstein, fairly or not, were turned into such romantic and charismatic crusaders for the public interest—journalists could take down a president!—that the profession became seen as powerful and attractive to the upper classes who had previously looked down at ink-stained wretches. Soon the most prestigious newsrooms didn’t just serve the elite; they were staffed by their children.

And on a practical level, Ungar-Sargon notes that one reason why working-class kids have been shut out of newsrooms is that recent college graduates need to have wealthy families that can sustain them so they can afford New York and D.C.’s exorbitant cost of living while doing internships or trying to get by on entry-level salaries. The result is that newsrooms get better-credentialed employees more affordably, but this comes at a cost. Newsrooms may be diverse in terms of skin tone, but they are staffed by people who have never been inside a mobile home or had to drink powdered milk as a child. And their relative lack of experience with how the other half lives is not accompanied by any humility regarding lots of inchoate ideas about fixing America they are not afraid to express loudly…

Conversely, the legacy media haven’t just abandoned the working class, they’ve embraced full-on snobbery…

Please read and share everything within this post. It is all very important information.


Julie Kelly: The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax: No one still trying to convince the public that two pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol in advance of January 6 can be believed.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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