Ukraine Crisis Calls for Smart Hawkishness

Ukraine Crisis Calls for Smart Hawkishness

By HAROLD HUTCHISON February 1, 2022 in Foreign Policy

Unfortunately, Biden is more interested in being “woke” than doing what’s necessary to protect American interests.

The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is a very serious one — and grassroots Patriots are right to be concerned about Russia’s aggression. Isolationism and pacifism are not the answers to this crisis. But at this point, we need to be smart about how we address it. To date, Ukraine seems less panicked than Joe Biden.

That said, it seems like we’re told by many that if we don’t back whatever Biden has in mind vis-à-vis this crisis, then we’re on Vladimir Putin’s side. The old, recycled tactic of employing reputational/emotional blackmail usually applied by the Left in domestic policy debates aside, there’s plenty to be said about how Biden has blundered regarding Russia from day one. We can’t help but note that Biden allowed Russia’s geopolitical kompromat of Germany to go ahead, even as he crippled American energy production with new regulations.

Donald Trump, the alleged Russian asset/patsy if you believe the false leftist narrative, was not only trying to stop Russia’s compromising of Germany, but by exporting natural gas, he was inflicting geopolitical pain on Putin. Why was Putin feeling pain? Well, basic economics explain it. By upping the supply of natural gas through his energy policies, Trump caused the price to drop. So, Putin wasn’t getting as much dough as he got from natural gas exports. Then, Trump also pushed exports of American natural gas to Europe. That meant Putin was no longer the sole supplier. Not only was the pie of hard currency smaller, Putin wasn’t even getting the whole pie anymore.

You think that might have had something to do with why Putin wasn’t causing so much trouble when Trump was in office? We think so. If anything, Trump’s natural gas exports and efforts to thwart Nord Stream 2 were the chance for us to buy time to get NATO in shape militarily with the types of forces needed to deter Russia. Trump was working hard to get NATO to do just that, only to be undercut by bureaucrats like Alexander Vindman.

Our military isn’t exactly in good shape, either, due to reckless cuts made by two Democrat administrations, including reducing us to two combat brigades in Europe, neither of which have heavy armor like M1 Abrams tanks or M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles. This was compounded by errors of omission by George W. Bush.

The fact is, our military could eventually win a fight with Russia. However, we’d be paying a lot in terms of blood and treasure to do so. Why? Because Biden seems to have spent the last year being more interested in waging war against those who don’t buy the “woke” agenda than in deterring bad behavior by America’s enemies. That dishonorable debacle in Afghanistan has left a lengthy “to do” list that Biden hasn’t even come close to starting. The corruption of so many agencies by an education system increasingly tainted with Critical Race Theory doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

It is hard to imagine what Biden’s blundering brinksmanship can do for the United States at this point. Ukraine is reportedly asking for air-defense systems per one Pentagon reporter’s questions to the Pentagon, and, apparently, that request is being blown off. Biden is not even listening to what the country he claims is being threatened is saying when it comes to military needs.

We’re not saying we shouldn’t counter Russian aggression. But we will note that history has shown we can cripple Russian aggression without risking American troops, with successful efforts being made by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and Donald Trump during his time in office. We also think that maybe listening to what Ukraine is asking for in terms of military aid and fulfilling those needs as prudently as possible would be good ideas as well.

Is Biden even capable of such common sense? So far, the record isn’t promising.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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